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Agents of Mayhem Reveal Trailer Reactions

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Signothorn, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Heeyay

    Heeyay Modding patch tester

    I loved the gameplay, it lowkey reminded me of Sunset Overdrive.... but I digress
  2. So far it's giving me a tingling feeling in my pants. That's a good sign! However, I learned long ago that me a Volition like the same things, even when I think they screwed up. I thought SR4 might suk....loved it. I knew that Gat outta hell would...loved it too. However this does not remove the need for a busty red head, but I have faith Volition's got me covered.
  3. I don't like that cartoonish look and i don't like i'll like that kind of gameplay too: i'll wait until i see some gameplay vids, but definately not a day one buy for me.
    It's sad how they killed Saints Row aniway.
  4. Alright, I've been hearing this weird sort of stuff online and it's really beginning to bug me. Especially after all honest discussion, difficulties with THQ, and really great stuff in 4, hearing people demand sequels and complain that extremely old games are better is really getting on my nerves.

    The reception on videos has been surprisingly and confusingly negative and I really don't know why. There are a bunch of people assuming it's a freaking class based shooter, other demanding sequels, and others saying it's too cartoony, and very little clear discussion about the game itself.

    The marketing team really needs to make it clear what the clothing customization is like and show the good aspects of gameplay, (maybe closer to release so hype doesn't die down), I'm a little alarmed by the reception.

    (It looks really weird seeing my name at the side of a bunch of posts, it would be good to know if there is anywhere else where more discussion would occur so I'm not yelling into an echo chamber).
  5. I agree that they should definitely show off more open world stuff. The gameplay we've seen so far does nothing but suggest that it's an arena or corridor shooter. I've heard lots of comparisons to Crackdown (beyond the graphics, which I can totally see), so Volition really should do more to showcase that.
  6. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I agree. Although I'm not a big fan of the cartoonish look and I don't usually buy those heavily stylized games, I am delighted that they selected a location outside the USA. Seoul looks beautiful! The open world is the thing I'm most excited about. I really hope it's larger than SR3/4/GOOH and more the size of SR1/2, with lots of buildings I can enter (particularly after the campaign is complete).
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2016
  7. I am actually looking forward to the story! I have a strong feeling this game will have great story and a twist. Heres why: 1) volition were looking for someone who worked with aaa titles to write agents of mayhem. 2) as soon as aom was announced I whached the retcon ending to gooh multiple times, so apparently Brimstone turns herself in to the fbi because why?....Only time will tell.
  8. One thing that's interesting is that in the Retcon ending Brimstone appears to be much older, which means the Retcon ending for GOOH has to take place years after the events of Agents of Mayhem
  9. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

  10. I wouldn't mind playing it, looks like a pretty cool game indeed.