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Agents of Mayhem gameplay details!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by [V] IdolNinja, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. I'll trust Flippy's opinion over anybody else's considering how critical he was of SR3 and 4 in the past.

    Apparently the embargo ended today, so we'll likely start seeing impressions and/or reviews soon.
  2. Major bug at 22:47, and I'm worried about the ragdolls and pathfinding for peds and sometimes enemies, otherwise looks really good.

  3. That's not a bug, that's a feature. It's a Volition game, after all!

    Also the AoM twitter has been highlighting that guy's LP, so I imagine they're well aware of such things and will likely fix it with the day-one patch.
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  4. No problem, I'm just trying to find any bugs.
    I also still notice the problem with some peds jittering/shaking, especially if one foot is on lower or elevated terrain.
    Also fairly often a peds animation jitters back or glitches whilst they are moving, its quite distracting, they are running and then they glitch backwards a few feet whilst in the same animation, or sometimes do an errant couple frames twitch into a different animation before going back to moving. Glitches seem to occur when they run into one another or touch each other as well.

    Almost everything looks very polished, I'm just worried about peds, ambient activities, model diversity, etc. I hope the pedesterians have good model variety, diverse action nodes and good interactions, I haven't seen any ambulances or police responses.

    I'm finally able to hear ped, enemy and open world dialogue, and the ambient soundscape (chattering, weather, objects, music), which is fantastic. I noticed enemies actually react to each agent with unique dialogue, and the hotswitching changed the dialogue to a new character swapped in the split second before it started at one point, which is super impressive.

    Heck, the destructibility of some objects are very impressive, some LED lights cracked and flickered on and off at one point during a doomsday device scene, and the way objects flew in the wind was amazing and fluid during that scene as well, different objects have different physics depending on their build and density, and break apart in clever ways.

    Attention to detail! I love it! That's exactly what I was hoping for when I linked that Dead Rising 1 video ages back, simple things like how a can breaks a window but softer objects don't are subtle touches that I adore in games. I just hope this detail extends to the peds in some ways.

    Edit: Watched a bit of that letsplay (hopefully it doesn't spoil too much), like almost everything I'm seeing, Gat gameplay wise looks really engaging and satisfying (personality wise not overly my thing, but that's fine). I just hope the game can be a lot harder than this, because it looks dangerously easy (but it's on the super easy difficulties that reduce your earnt XP so thats understandable), and I'm worried about enemy accuracy and how easy it is to dodge bullets/attacks.

    Hopefully accuracy is better and attacks are faster, I love a good challenge, (for a reference point, think of high tier in pvp games and how difficult that can be vs others in regards to reflex's).

    Some of the writing made me laugh, parking ticket was fun, I enjoy witty high brow stuff as well as some clever cheese.

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  5. Flippy posted a clip of him playing

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  6. Admixon

    Admixon Modding patch tester

    Flippy post screenshots on discord everyday.
  7. He just posted a full video about driving

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  8. Just saw the Oni stream, and I'm unsure if I'm going crazy, but everything seemed to look subtly... better.
    Visual effects seemed smoother, texture work seemed to pop more, details looked crisper, graphical effects seemed nicer, shadows looked nice, and most noticeably the pedesterian density was waaaaaaay better.

    There was far more pedestrians on screen than shown before, and there seemed be a good model variety too. I also did not notice any of the glitches I saw a lot with peds (rarely the player character would have their legs jitter on different elevations as well, only saw that once or twice), the one ped you could see walking down the stairs seemed to animate smoothly, none the usual bugs I saw with stairs.

    All the peds have the similar scared, running and huddling animations, but it seemed a bit smoother and more realistic this stream, they didn't collide into each other weirdly or have any obvious issues like that, and it looked more natural seeing a large crowd doing them, it didn't look as repetitive or noticeable, and they didn't one hundred percent mimic each other either.

    I'm still worried about ragdoll glitch's (especially limbs) and whether that has been addressed at all, but overall everything just seemed slightly more polished, it's subtle enough I'm not entirely sure.
  9. ACG accidentally started a rumour that the game has microtransactions, Volition should clarify that. I'm getting annoyed at how oblivious people are being :/
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  10. Admixon

    Admixon Modding patch tester

    The game doesn't have microtransactions. If you want to unlock agents skins or weapons skins you'll find them in the loot boxes but you have to find loot boxes first :p