So I've been wondering, is it possible to add more player voices in saints row 2 using custom sound files as custom voice quotes??

for example:

there are total of 6 in game player voices for your character like:
Male 01
Male o2
Male 03
Female 01
Female 02
Female 03

(So is it possible to add more player voices like Male 04 or Female 04 using custom sound files??)
I really don't know if it's possible to even do such a thing, I tried adding another race in player_presets.xtbl and still nothing showing up.

I don't know where the selection of adding another voice to the voice selection. Maybe it's hardcoded to only have 6 voices for each..?
I think you need to mess up in pcr01.lua for adding options
i think i've found it.

Inside vint_docs.vpp

Now to try and find a way to keep it selected after selecting it.


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