A copious amount of colours (Remaster compatible)

Has anyone else noticed that outfits with custom colors will get deleted when the game reloads? or it seems like the custom colors arent saved?
I went ahead and went through each color in the list and reformatted the color descriptions.

They no longer run together and are separated by spaces -- "ValentineBlue1" is now "Valentine Blue 1", and so on.

I also corrected the first entry for Singa's colors named "Singa's Red 1" since all of the others are named "Singa Red 2" etc.

"Saint's Purple" has been changed to "Saints' Purple". I also capitalized the lower-case instances of "White".

For some odd reason which I cannot explain "Auburn" shows up in all caps as "AUBURN". I cannot correct it. Renaming it to "Auburn Brown" resolved it at least.

This is more accurate to how this extended palette would appear in the game. I can either share or attach the edited character_color_pool xtbl file.
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Certain colors (such as Brown and Orange, both look golden yellow btw) on purchased clothes and even saved outfits keep changing to different ones (like those two yellow ones change to dark green) after a game restart. If I wear clothes with such colors it stays the color I bought them with but the moment I remove those clothes my colors are lost and I gotta re-buy them one by one... :confused:

Here's a screenshot for reference:
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How do I actually use this? Where do I have to go for this menu?
You have to go to a clothing store, select any color compatible clothing, and then select any of the color spot options to get to the palette menu. Afterwards, just scroll down and you should see the extra colors.
Can confirm that this also works for the GOG version. You just drop the xtbl file in the installationmap, which will then be
GOG Games\Saints Row The Third Remastered