1950's Homies BETA (with custom Hud Icons)

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  1. Soon as I update this to be compatible with the last update I will be adding new finished version prob will be a few days

    This Mod replaces your homies with npc's from 1950s Pleasentville

      • 13 new homies

      • Police back up
    Edit: Almost got all the bugs worked out 98% finished
    Finaly got custom hud images working for homies

    Version 2 added with some of the fix's will be uploading new version when iv worked out some more of the bugs

    • Added Shotguns for female homies and Smg's for male homies
    • Added new names for all homies in phone
    • Added Police back up in phone in place of super back up
    • Gave Police back up sheilds and super powers so theyr not useless
    • Changed colour palettes of some npc's
    • Added custom hud images for all homies
    To do:​
    • Fix certain homies spawning in as saints back up
    Extra Note: Id like to thank Hoeward and Idol Ninja for all their help on this project / post
    Custom Hud



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  2. Thats pretty cool but then im guessing they replace te saints back up as you have a max of 4 of them?
    and im working on a few diffrent types for packs I want to do and I want them to have all proper display name and desc in phone insted of just replacing a outfit on gang customization :D
  3. If your game is randomly crashing after making changes to the scripts then it's a possibility that something wasn't closed properly.

    For example when making changes to weapon_costumes there was a few times when I was copy and pasting things that I would select <animation_group> and paste over it leaving multiple <animation><animation>whatever here</animation> which would leave one <animation> still open which would crash the game. Basically what I am saying is that your issue could be highly complex or extremely simple and no one is going to be able to figure it out unless they go line by line through all of your changed files. I recommend backtracking and making back ups of your files every time a successful change is made.
  4. Cheers for the possative response :D and I think at first it was a dodgy XTBL I was working from atm im up to 5 homies atm all working well but im having to do them 1 by 1 then save then load up game and test they all seem to work that way I tryed to edit them all at once but it just causes crash :S

    I thought it might have been problem with the code but Im typing all changes myself so I dont think ther was any double uses of code

    I realy need to work out how to rename them in the phone and make display desc, I thought it would be in the xtbls Homies name and Homies desc but I see part of info ther but none of the text that shows up in game for the descripton of the homies :S

    Atm my top npc in phone I edited is called undefined has value :')
  5. hoeward

    hoeward Modding patch tester

    All translation files uncompiled and made understandable.
    You just have to add your stuff and compile them using Minimauls Buildstrings tool.

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  6. :D Thank you very much this helps alot this file makes alot more sence than the file I was trying to work from is ther a max amount of homie entries I can put in this

    I will rember to credit you for all the help when I finaly get these all finished theyr still quiye buggy I cant do any activitys or hack stores etc once iv called new homies without game crashing :S but for free roam finaly got them all working well :D
    Im trying to get the zombie npc anims to work atm to bring back Zombie Hawd backup in the homies cant get it working tho but did have them using mech suit animation it was soo funny :')

    Do you have any idea why my file wont pack :( its not the tools as they pack the normal hud_us fine but it wont pack mine iv checked over the code many many times now and it all looks fine to me but I could be rong im trying to add this at the top of homies

    "HOMIES_1950s_FEMALE": "1950s Sexy Lady"
    "HOMIES_1950s_FEMALE_DESC": "Shes Your 50s Lady And She Never Says Maybe."
    "HOMIES_1950s_GRANNY": "1950s Granny"
    "HOMIES_1950s_GRANNY_DESC": "Hello... Your Going to Have to Speak up."
    "HOMIES_1950s_NEWSGUY": "1950s News Guy"
    "HOMIES_1950s_NEWSGUY_DESC": "Paper Paper Any One For a Paper."
    "HOMIES_1950s_HOUSEWIFE": "1950s Housewife"
    "HOMIES_1950s_HOUSEWIFE_DESC": "Where's My Sandwitch Bitch!."
    "HOMIES_1950s_OLDMAN": "1950s Old Man"
    "HOMIES_1950s_OLDMAN_DESC": "O.A.P Old Aged Pimp he got your back... and your front."
    "HOMIES_1950s_MILKMAN": "1950s Milkman"
    "HOMIES_1950s_KINZIE": "1950s Kinzie"
    "HOMIES_1950s_KINZIE_DESC": "Tell Any One About This Dress and I Will Kill You."
    "HOMIES_1950s_DINERCOOK": "1950s Dinercook"
    "HOMIES_1950s_DINERCOOK_DESC": "Large Fries With a Side Order of Death."
    "HOMIES_1950s_SHAUNDI": "1950s Shaundi"
    "HOMIES_1950s_SHAUNDI_DESC": "Have a BLAST From The Past With 50s Shaundi."
    "HOMIES_1950s_SHERIFF": "1950s Sheriff"
    "HOMIES_1950s_SHERIFF": "Have The Law on Your Side."

    is ther somthing in ther im doing rong
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  7. hoeward

    hoeward Modding patch tester

    You forgot the _DESC on the second entry.
    And for your information: Names must be ALL CAPITAL!
    "HOMIES_1950s_SHERIFF": "1950S SHERIFF"
    for example.

    I attached a builded file with all bugfixes, and the TXT version.

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  8. ahh I didnt notice that :D bad timing tho I just got it all working about 5 min befor I check on here I wasnt sure if ther was a max amount of entires allowed on that hud file so I replaced ones that where not being usd such as heli and tank etc with mine and it let me finaly pack the string file :D youv been a great help to me without that hud_us file I would have been trying to do it for ages :')

    Do you know if its possible to make custom hud icons I was thinking if I could find the files where ui_hud_act_ico_saints for example is I could make new ones same way name them then use new name in homies xtbl was thinking of just using the first person mod to get a good screen cap of the face of npc and using that but thers prob a beter way if this is possible it would look epic

    Ill try and get the Mod uploaded asap thers still alot of other stuff I wana try doing to it like diffrent weapons stuff like that for each homie

    Would posting an extenral link be allowed as this website never runs proper on my PC and the buttons on the top like file, code , quote etc dont seem to work proper

    Link at the top :)
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  9. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Linking to outside sites is not allowed. You'll need to remove and correct this. If you're having problems with this site, then I would suggest trying another browser.
  10. Ohh ok sorry about that, I did real the rules and it didnt say any thing about that ther but im not gona argue with you over it :p ill take it down now.

    Would it be possible as your admin to edit and add the file for me and its not a browser ishue I think its either java or my PC problem is just id like to share this with the comunity as iv put alot of hard word into this :D
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