visual enhancements

  1. L

    Is there a good SR2 HD mod?

    There probably is, if not, this is a request. I downloaded one and it looked ugly, really ugly (no offense to the creator, they obv worked hard but I personally didn't like it), and was wondering if there could be a mod to make SR2 look kinda like a minecraft shaderpack, in the sense that the...
  2. F13

    Saints Row (2022) Natural Visuals - Reshade Preset

    DOWNLOAD This reshade is my attempt to improve the reboot's visuals by making it looks as photorealistic as possible and removing that intense golden heat tint. CONTENTS: f13 natural visuals.ini: The standard version of this reshade. Includes HDR, clarity, contrast, and tint (used a bluish...
  3. F13

    SR2 Visual Overhaul Mod

    SR2 VISUAL OVERHAUL MOD This mod aims to improve the visual quality of SR2 while still being as faithful to the original game as possible. It also makes other adjustments such as increasing ped density, improving draw distance, increasing skybox boundaries, and makes debris last much longer...
  4. ColbyDash

    Crashes at loading screen when ReShade is installed

    Hello! So i'll get straight to the point. I have been having this issue for a while and something similar happens with The Sims 4 and SRTT when I have ReShade installed in it too. I start up the game, get into the main menu, load my most recent game, and when it's done loading, it just cuts out...
  5. D

    LUT FX Files?

    Hi! I was wondering if there is any way to make a standalone shader file, that would be kin to a .fx file, like in Skyrim, or Fallout 4. Something that can I convert to a .DDS file, to edit it in programs like Photoshop, or other image software. I got the idea from using ENBs in Skyrim, but...