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    This mod aims to improve the visual quality of SR2 while still being as faithful to the original game as possible. It also makes other adjustments such as increasing ped density, improving draw distance, increasing skybox boundaries, and makes debris last much longer.

    INSTALL: Drop all files in Gentlemen of the Row optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE folder and build a patch

    ⦁ New night Time Of Day
    ⦁ New sun glow effect
    ⦁ Improved saturation and contrast during some weather setting
    ⦁ Restored warmer colors
    ⦁ Restored some vanilla sky colors
    ⦁ Increased draw distance for trees
    ⦁ Darker night time
    ⦁ Increased ped density
    ⦁ Increased sky boundaries (NOTE: Heli may disappear if you fly too high)
    ⦁ Longer Debris Time

    Saints Row 2 14_10_2020 19_16_53.png 9480_20200731235450_1.png sr2modcomparison1.png
    ⦁ IdolNinja and the GOTR team - for making GOTR
    ⦁ Firespite - Creator of the GOTR Time Of Day which this mod is built off
    ⦁ Admixon, BeautiDuwanger, irishCoffee, MegaFreeman, Singa, Zensama - Testing

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  2. Great mod! now i can enjoy with those beautiful graphics :p
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  3. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    Darker night time is amazing! I love the mod. Good job!
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  4. this is amazing! gj.
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  5. I thought you were holding out on me.
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  6. F13


    V2 - some minor tweaks and improvements
    ⦁ Improved dusk time
    ⦁ Night time sky colors improved
    ⦁ Edited contrast during sunset
  7. Great mod! Sadly, I can't use it. Two places in the city cause my fps to chug down to crashy levels. I've isolated the problem to the trees. Only happens when I look at one of two particular groups of trees. One of these locations is on the campus of Stillwater U.

    My machine isn't new, but it's not a potato by any stretch. Certainly shouldn't have a problem with SR2. Any chance of releasing a version that doesn't upscale the leaves on the trees?
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  8. ...Or maybe I'm crazy! Those places just wig out at random it seems. Was sure it had something to do with the trees. Maybe trees and rain? Hell, I dunno now.

    Still a hella great mod. Good job!
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  9. F13


    Are you using any other mods? Try using this file instead

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  10. I'll give that file a try now, I'm game for anything.

    And yes, I'm using 2 of your optionals. The more peds, and darker nights. If I use /just/ those two, without the visual overhaul files, it seems fine. But yeah, I'll totally give that file a go and report back.


    *Edit: and i'm using GotR, naturally ^^

    Not sure what you did, but preliminarily; that file seems to have done the trick. I followed the navpath from the starter crib to Stillwater U (which usually hits both trouble spots) and I didn't have any problems.

    The real test will be testing it again on a rainy night. Those two factors combined have been really rough in the past, but just for Stillwater U, and just with the two visual overhaul files.

    But no, yeah, so far so good, thanks. I'll keep you posted.
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