1. Moff

    Good news for modders!

    I just downloaded the most recent version of Blender (3.6.1), and apparently some time ago they finally fixed their .fbx import\export plugins, or at least the part of them that prevented models exported from Blender to work properly with SDK tools. I assume that it was because Blender used to...
  2. MegaFreeman

    How To Add New Simple Re-textured Clothing (beginners guide)

    Hello everyone, my name is MegaFreeman and today I will be teaching you how to retexture clothing in Saints Row IV and then add it as brand new items to the game. This one is based on Flippy's own video tutorial, but updated to support Workshop Patch. Keep in mind this is made for simple...
  3. Henry08

    How to fix SR4 SDK weapon templates(for Maya)

    If you decided to try some weapon templates from SDK package and add them to the game, you'll get something like this. Pretty good, yeah? Pistols became really big in our times. But what was happened there? See this stats? There is a blatant lie, model was made with inches as system units...
  4. Henry08

    SDK Converter problem with fingers

    Before I was used automatic bind skin and hadn't any problem but when for my costume were needed precise weights I found the problem. First of all where are bones for fingers tip? I've never seen realistic character which fingers consisting of two phalanges. Second: convertor stuck with with...
  5. Henry08

    Obscured VIDs list

    If you tried to create new cloth item maybe you already know what are Obscured VIDs. There are parts of body mesh that you need to hide in the customization_items.xtbl in order for your model to look correct and not overlap with these parts of the body. So for my mod I done some research and...
  6. Heeyay

    World Editor

    Will we get a world editor for Saints Row 4? (maybe SR3) It'll add longevity to the game and it'd be nice to see what the community comes up with.
  7. Henry08

    SR FBX converter problem with axis

    I'm using Maya with Up axis Z and centimeters as unit and after converting my weapon I got problem Force 3dmax Up In All Ok except the size Force Maya Up Z cm size is normal but preview is not so good Maya with Y-up centimeters
  8. Henry08

    How to add your weapon to the steam workshop

    If you made your weapon using SDK A tutorial you will probably find that it does not work after packing to workshop vpp_pc archive. So I'll try to teach you how to do it manualy and I belive that some guys from the forum will correct me. Note: Tutorial was made when Flow754's Weapon Clone Tool...
  9. Henry08

    HELP! Mod costume does not change morph setting after reset body settings

    Hi there. My mod does not working right after changing sex, reseting body settings and randomize. And I have not idea whah i done wrong
  10. Henry08

    About underwear modding

    Ouch I found strange problem with underwear after exporting new mesh it simply dissapired and I have only one guess - underwear isn't separeted mesh it is kinda "mesh" mask on original body this is true? Or maybe I doing something wrong?
  11. Quantum

    Have you used Volition's Table File Editor?

    I'm just curious to ask, how many people here have used or even know about Volition's Table File Editor for editing xtbl files? Here's an example of what it looks like when editing the Cheats table ("cheats.xtbl"): It's been available to modders for three years, but I wondered how many...