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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by alexsaintsrowguy, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I was wondering what the state of sr1 is for the pc with an emulator.
    I have the disc for the game but I dont have an xbox 360. Should I even try to play the game via some sort of emulator or is it completely unplayable.

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  2. There aren't any reliable Xbox 360 emulators available at the moment (the only gen 7 console with a passable one is the Wii). I've only seen Halo 3 and Sonic Unleashed played on Xenia and they only work with specific tweaking and you need a really good PC to run them passably.

    So unless you have a really, REALLY good pc and good programming knowledge, it'll be easier to just buy a 360. Used ones go for £30+
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  3. F13


    This is the closest to the boundaries of p*racy you could possibly yourself now.
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  4. thanks
  5. lol
  6. Um depends. You can legally own a back up of your own game and not distribute said backup with intentions to pirate or spread world wide you can distribute with the intention of it actually being a back up as long as it matches said physical version etc but lets not talk technical talk of that. @Mattie404 you must of never used Xenia. Xenia has come a long way from what it used to be. Actually alot of games work on it decently including halo 3 rdr dead rising etc you also domt have to have a really really good pc as you say, Xenia doesn't depend directly on Vulkan anymore and it'll work as long as you match the compatibility list. You can get a desktop that xenia will work on for 300 or less which is really really cheap. Dont talk about things you have no idea about.

    I however have not tested sr1 on Xenia and cant speak on rather it plays good or not. Lets not discuss this matter on this forum.
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  7. Sr1 on Xenia is sadly far from perfect without strong pc. On mine it runs way too slow just few more frames and maybe it could be barely playable.

    Atleast I can still play xb360 on the weekends. One can hope for miracles tho
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