saint row 2

  1. YeehawPhoenix

    GTA IV Vehicle Camera Style for SR2 (v1.0)

    GTA IV Vehicle Camera Style for SR2 Created by YeehawPhoenix Description Howdy everyone! This mod alters the vehicle camera angles (on most cars) to be similar to GTA IV's, directly behind the driver seat. To make this even more GTA-feel, I made a GTA V Camera Style mod right here! There is...
  2. W

    Game fps drops to >5 after a while, usually while in a vehicle

    I have GOTR installed (no optional mods) and am running the game on windows 8. However, after about 20-30 minutes of playing the fps drops to an unplayable level. strangely enough it only seems to happen when in vehicles. The lag doesnt subside and when i go to the main menu and try reloading...
  3. Lynxrow

    imagine as designed music

    is there any downloadable files for the music, or links if the music was created by an individual artist not associated with volition
  4. N

    Saints Row 2 GOTR Windows 11

    Hey, i tried everything that i found here and in other forums. But nothing helped. Mby someone can help me. Thx already
  5. YeehawPhoenix

    GTA V Camera Styles for SR2 v2.0

    GTA V Camera Styles for SR2 v2.0 Created by YeehawPhoenix Description Howdy everyone! Just like my SRTTR version of this mod, it makes the game's camera to look just like GTA V's normal AND close camera views! (Note: This is my third mod ever made for these games so not everything will be...
  6. NutInMyDonut

    Saints Row 2 Vehicle Files for Download?

    I want a file that contains all Saints Row 2 vehicles from the game. Including rare unobtainable vehicles too. (Which should be batched with the normal vehicles). Id highly appreciate it if someone special can provide this file. Thanks.
  7. Xkynete

    SOLVED Saints Row 2 Co-op not working on Xbox

    Hello. My friend and I were trying to play Saints Row 2 Co-op on Xbox One backwards compatible, but it kept saying unable to connect to game or something along those lines. It might be because our nat types are both strict most of the time but I was wondering since SR2 is such an old game if the...
  8. P

    Character Customization Protective Goggles

    Been trying to match the uniform my gang currently wears, so far so good. I was wondering, is it possible to make the goggles I wear solid like my gang rather than transparent? Is there a colour scheme/mod I need?
  9. Funkihsan

    Character Customization SR1 clothing on SR2

    Like the title says, I think the clothing in SR1 is good as SR2´s
  10. J

    Character Customization Can anyone make a mod were we can play as dex

    somebody used his model in game and i dont know to get him as a playable character
  11. Aquanort

    SR2 Gang Customization Mod

  12. Pink_Velv3t

    Looking for a Coop partner

    Hey all so I don't know if this is the right place for this thread or whatever but I would like to know if anyone could help me complete the story missions+activities in the game. As well as DLCs. I play on Xbox. If anyone is down message me.
  13. J

    does anyone know how to play as dex in saints row 2 pc ?

    i found the dex model photo on wiki can anyone help so i can play as him
  14. R

    Don't suppose anybody has the Saint's Row 2 basemesh?

    I'm a fledgling modeller looking to learn some good topology and I really enjoyed SR2. Not sure I'm up to the task of diving into hex (a bit beyond me, I'm a modeller!) - but if somebody had it lying around as a .obj or something, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  15. Singa

    Many More Makeup Colors

    Have you ever wanted to wear the finest makeup in the most extravagant colors, only to find a cheap selection of dull, boring colors? Vanilla let's you choose between 37 colors when it comes to makeup, GotR adds a few and makes it 44. I added a few more and brought the total up to 180...
  16. C

    How to set up the vanilla patch in gentlemen of the row

    I so do hope Idolninja sees this. I'm a long standing fan of saints row 2 and would like to have a go at it once more, only this time in PC. I'm new to mods and would like to know what happens in the gentleman of the row mod if a press x in the menu to create the unmodded vanilla patch because I...
  17. Aquanort

    [MOD REQUEST] Donnie & Lin Over Matt Miller & Asha

  18. Aquanort

    [MOD REQUEST] Lin Over SR3 Shaundi

  19. F13

    Christmas in Stilwater

    CHRISTMAS IN STILWATER NOTE: This mod is outdated. Download better snow textures here. The original mod is included in NOVA SPE
  20. F13

    Editing textures in Saints Row 2

    Editing textures in Saints Row 2 is quite easy. It isn't as tedious as Saints Row: The Third or Saints Row IV because it lacks the excessive "Russian doll" packfiles. To edit a texture you need to download Masamaru's tools and Minimaul's tools. Using ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.ExtractPackfileGUI...