ZINHAR's Crystal Clear Realistic ReShade for SR:TT Remastered

    Crystal Clear Realistic ReShade by Farid (aka. ZINHAR) Features: Maintains the original look of the game Well balanced lighting and colors Doesn't impact performance too much All values used in the preset are well rounded and OCD friendly Glitch-free! If the preset is too dark for your liking...
  2. Singa


    This mod changes the Freckle Bitch's freckles from Image as Designed, as well as the Tribal16 face tattoo into realistic looking freckles for your character. The face tattoo is located in the leg tattoo section. For a greater color selection, use my mod that adds more colors to make-up, and...
  3. ColbyDash

    Anyone knows to remove Viper's Realistic Eyes from Things To Do In Steelport?

    I have been trying to find a way to do this for a while, including updating the ASM, but I can't seem to remove it on my own with the Naughty version installed without any help. Don't get me wrong though, I like this mod and the naughty one too but I just prefer to use the vanilla look of the...
  4. Cuxrie

    Retextured Eyes

    This mod replaces the existing eye textures with more realistic versions The full Black and full White eye textures have also been replaced with cybernetic eyes The Interface for Eye Color in Image As Designed have also been updated accordingly Instructions 1. Copy all files 2. Place...
  5. Captain Jax

    Realistic SR2 Weapons

    This is my second mod. It's the same thing, just for Saints Row 2. It does what the title says it does. Self-explanatory again. Version 3.2.1 is done. Credits to Captain Jax for starting this mod. THIS MOD WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR THE GOTR MOD. Change Log V3.2.1...
  6. Captain Jax

    Realistic Gun Mod for SR3

    My first mod! It does just what the title says it does. It tweaks several weapons to be more like their real life counter-parts. Changes Made: AR-55: Realistic bullet count in magazine, even when fully upgraded Always has 3 round burst M2 Grenade Launcher: Realistic grenade count Grenade...