Anyone knows to remove Viper's Realistic Eyes from Things To Do In Steelport?

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  1. I have been trying to find a way to do this for a while, including updating the ASM, but I can't seem to remove it on my own with the Naughty version installed without any help. Don't get me wrong though, I like this mod and the naughty one too but I just prefer to use the vanilla look of the eyes. I'm also a perfectionist too when it comes to my characters' looks in video games. So it would be greatly appreciated for some feedbacks and potential solutions.
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  2. Find and download the file individually. Open SR3 steam folder and the downloads tab in seperate windows in file explorer. Extract the file and look for the shit you need to delete.
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  3. Thanks, I forgot I did this before I installed the naughty edition. Speaking of which, that's what I meant by this:
    I just forgot to mention it. Lol Anyways what if I were to install that or any other mod with another customize_player.asm_pc (like skinballs or the bloody faces mod)? I'm thinking placing a customize_player.asm_pc in the installation folder could theoretically work as long as it doesn't conflict with another mod or if it isn't from the naughty edition.
  4. To just remove the eyes...navigate your file explorer to Saints Row the Third installation folder, search for all ".str_pc" files starting with "eye", and DELETE them. Rebuild ASMs with ASM_Updater.

    Image related.

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  5. Thank you for your response but I have already done that with just only the normal version installed and not the naughty version. I was looking to find a way to remove it with the naughty version installed. As Fan of Saints once said, it'll take more than just updating the ASMs and deleting the files.
  6. My bad, I misread the title leaving out "TTDiS".
    Naughty addition adds nude textures and removes privacy bars. The eye textures are not in contents of "TTDiS-Naughty Edition", as shown in the following: TTDiS-NaughtyEditionFiles.png
    Looking at the files in the main archive for Things To Do In Steelport, we find the files you ask about in the title/OP: VipersEyeTexturesInTTDiS.png
    Since we find them in the main files, they should be sitting in your Saints Row the Third installation folder. Unless I am missing something, all there is to do to rid yourself of the textures is deleting them, and running ASM_Updater (Removal.bat). Looking in Viper's standalone mod for eyes, "customize_player.asm_pc" is what should be updated...and TTDiS does not have it packed into a vppc, which would need to be in "packfiles" folder...which would necessitate the need to pack/unpack. ViperStandaloneEyeTextures.png
    Anyway. I hope you find a way to get what you want in your game. Happy modding!
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  7. Ok, I'll try this sometime tomorrow to see if I got this correctly. :)
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