1. F13

    NOVA SPE 23

    NOVA SPE 23 INCLUDES MORE THAN 30 OPTIONAL MODS FOR SAINTS ROW 2 Want to have gangs after story completion? Prefer SR1's sprinting animations? Wish you had a flying car? You came to the right place! INCLUDED: 8 new jogging animations 3 new sprint animations New taunts and compliments New...
  2. F13


    VERSION SIX OUT NOW! This mod adds in new homies. saints row 1 homie pack. saints row 1 animations. and fixes weapons animations. INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS (GOTR REQUIRED!!): drag all files you wish to install into your "MODDERS PUT YOUR OWN PERSONAL MODS HERE" folder and then rebuild your GOTR...
  3. Fan of Saints

    Enhanced DLC homies

    Remember - this mod doesn't unlock DLC content if you don't own it. Deal with it. --> DESCRIPTION <-- This mod enhances homies from Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space and The Trouble with Clones mission packs - that means additional characters will arrive if you call one of basic homies from...
  4. Fan of Saints

    Fixed Shaundi, Pierce and Kinzie

    --> DESCRIPTION <-- This is refreshed version of my old mod from this thread, now updated to work with the latest version of the game. It replaces old SR:TT Shaundi, Pierce and Kinzie homies with White House ones. --> HOW TO INSTALL? <-- Copy all files to your Saints Row IV install folder...