1. J

    Can You Unlock Gang Vehicles Like In Past Games?

    Just a quick question here, but can you unlock gang vehicles (Idols, Los Panteros and Marshalls) by completing their missions/territories like you could in past games? Such as with Saints Row The Third, defeating the Luchadors would add their gang members and vehicles for you to access. Just...
  2. Bucker1256

    Bucker1256 Characters - The Full Package

    Yes,that is my playa, considerably useless.
  3. J

    Homies & NPCs Masako Homies

    Is it possible for a mod to add the Masako from SR4 as an option in gang customization?
  4. O

    Strippers as gang

    How to mod Saints row 2, to have Strippers in your gang to recruit them from the streets? (change your regular gang NPC/texture to stripper NPC/texture) I hope I am not the only only one who thought about this.... Help is appreciated....
  5. tzCombot

    [Mod Request] Changing the lights on Decker and Luchadore skyscrapers in downtown to purple?

    Even with 100% Takeover and 100% completion, those two skyscrapers emit their own colors at night. Those gangs are dismantled by this point, so it shouldn't be like this. Is there a way to (easily or less easily) mod in something to change these lights to purple, preferably when you take over...
  6. Singa

    New Phone Designs For Saints Row: The Third

    Follow up to my phone design mod for SR2. This mod adds multiple new designs for your phone in SRTT. Installation: The mod comes in two variants, a standalone one and a version that's compatible with F13's "SR:TT - Super Ethical Patch" If you don't use his mod pick the standalone version...
  7. Singa

    New Phone Designs

    Have you ever wondered why you're stuck with this boring black cellphone like some filthy default? Have you ever wished you could slap a fleur-de-lis on it or give it a cool colour? Well I have the next best thing sorta by a stretch: Phones in 13 different designs, you heard right! 13 like that...
  8. Y

    (GOTR) Also how to change members hair colour in gang customization?

    How to change hair colour of 3rd Street Gang members and hair like grey for example
  9. Earl47

    baggy clothes

    I think this would be a pretty cool mod. Baggy t-shirts and Jeans was the style back then and I think it would be perfect for saint row 2. I would like to request anyone who mods to create a mod with more baggy clothes like jeans and t-shirts and a few big jackets too. Thank you in advance.
  10. THPSX

    SR2 Police/Gang Sensitivity Notoriety Fill up Bar

    I love to see fill up bar, to Saints row 3 just as I saw it in Saints Row 3.5 from dev build I don't know why they remove the bar in the final game, so if people find a tweak table to restore the bar from SR2 just tell me. For saints row 4 the bar is different but don't show in notoriety level...
  11. ravenaki

    How to edit my homie weapon?

    Hi, im new here. How to change my homie weapon like kinzie from shotgun to sniper. And also changed their clothes. I mean which files i need to change for their weapons inventory? Thanks.
  12. SkatefilterX-5

    Crazy Random Peds and Gang Control in Steelport

    You will see few peds are enemies, enemy biker and punks, and the construction worker, will kill you, that show's how bad is this city than Stilwater. Note: There are unknown enemies that walks strangely in the streets.
  13. F

    How to change ownership of hoods

    So I was fooling around with Sandbox+ using the teams and now the map of neighbourhoods looks like a patchwork. How can I change the owners manually, and if there is no tool, can somebody make one? Thank you!
  14. GambitUser

    Post game gang control

    Hey, im using the GOTR for quite a while now and love it! Finished the game with it, and i love that i have still a few areas where i can go to fight other gangs thanks to the "Post game gang control" option! However, is there a way, with a mod or save game editor ( i had one in SR3 ) where i...
  15. D

    How to make my own homies?

    How to make my own homies?
  16. C

    Past Gang Mod dont work

    Hi guys, well I just install the past gangs mod but seems it dosent work, this is the mod: and this is the files once I unzip at Saints Row IV folder as instructions say: Do...
  17. D

    Is possible to customize homies in image as designed?

    Is possible to customize homies in image as designed?
  18. Fan of Saints

    Oiran girls - early concept of Steelport gangs

    First off, look at those concept arts from “The Art Direction of Saints Row: The Third” presentation released on Volition's site. They show early concept of gangs in Saints Row: The Third. We can see early version of Deckers and Morningstar but... There are no Luchadores. Instead, we see some...
  19. 5l4y3r

    Gang Notoriety Addon for Sandbox+

    Simple addon/mod for IdolNinja's Sandbox+ mod (that I'm sure everybody has) that allows you have gang notoriety (sort of)! You must have Sandbox+ in order for this to work. The mod adds the following commands to Sandbox+: 8 + LEFT ARROW = Enable Ronin Spawning 8 + UP ARROW = Enable...