Melee Overhaul

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by ThatsMe, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. ThatsMe

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    Melee Overhaul

    The goal of this mod is to make melee and takedowns much better by making it closer to Saints Row 2, and restoring cut content (hence why the logo still uses old design ;))

    Mod Features

    -3 new weapon takedowns restored from beta version, move takedown with rifles, move takedown with pistols and backward move takedown with pistols, originally there was two more - one for rocket launcher and one for dual pistols, but animations have been removed from the game, or somehow they don't load while being preloaded :( every of these takedowns can be used when you press F while running at enemy, it doesn't work while being idle, walking or sprinting, during idle and walking you have the vanilla nut kick animation (Mostly credits to volition here as they made everything, i just restored these from table templates)
    -Human Shield execution takedown as unarmed takedown when standing behind an enemy, press Right Mouse Button (Beatdown Button) when as said being behind npc
    -4 new melee combos with 4 unused animations restored (Again credits to volition)
    -3 new melee combos with 3 unused finisher moves (Partially credits to volition, while they had their own finisher move entries, they replaced all the fighting animations which isn't what i wanted, so i figured out to make my own new combos with these)


    Mod Installation
    paste the files in the .rar archive to your game folder, enjoy!

    1.0 - Main Release
    1.1 Test - 7 more combos added, consisting of another finishing move, 3 "chain" finisher moves and 3 "punch" finisher moves, i wasn't quite sure how to implement them so i made them as finisher moves that disarm enemies with heavy damage instead of killing them

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  2. Yeah , TAKE THAT !!! Nice Melee .
  3. Damn, that looks great !
  4. ThatsMe

    ThatsMe Modding patch tester

    Added 1.1 Test version and changelog to the page
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  5. For watching this video later on my player I downloaded it...
  6. Love your mods nice bro keep it up
  7. Great, thanks for your efforts
  8. Can this be safely installed over the melee.xtbl file from the Things to Do in Steelport mod? I'm assuming the differences between the two come down to the additional animations and some value changes on existing anims.
  9. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    You can always compare 2 files in WinMerge
  10. Can I get a version without the neck snap? Because whenever I try to go behind somebody and just shoot them in the head, my girl just snaps the poor fella's neck. Also btw really nice mod!
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