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    Incendiary Ammo

    Highly appreciated, dude
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    Incendiary Ammo

    Just a question on how to make bullets light enemies on fire.
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    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    A lot can pass by without one's attention so it's understandable. The world is still full of adults jokes and crude humor that should be at home in a Saints Row game.
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    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Hard to believe is right since well, they are clearly there.
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    Working Spawning Gang NPCs and Vehicles from M22/Three Way (Mission Only)

    This doesn't seem to work. How exactly do you refresh if it doesn't work? You exit the mission and retry it again or just simply retry from the mission fail menu? Also I'm using the mission replay mod from this...
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    Saints Row: The Third Saints Row: The Third - Remastered Announced

    I hope to god that they at least address Saints members not driving in Saints color vehicles and npc don't throw grenades in general. These has been bugging me for years.
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    Problems with Workshop Weapon mods.

    So I just downloaded Re5 smg pack mod from the user Henry08 and for some reasons, all of the weapons are missing its magazines, Is there anyway to fix this?
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    Saints Row 2 Missions Revamped.

    At last, I have finally completed my little project called "Missions Revamped". In this mod, a lot of the main missions in the game has been modified so that it gave you a completely different feel when you play the campaign again. I have tried my best to learn from the other modders so that I...
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    Lowrider NRG V8

    Well the thing is there is the option to change the Suspension Style of the NRG V8 at Rimjobs. As I know in Saints Row 1 doing so will turn the van into a cool lowrider with very low body. But in Saints Row 2 nothing seems to happen. Even if I mess around with the file nothing seems to work...
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    Need help with changing weapon models.

    Okay I've been messing around with the item_3d.xtbl file to see if I can replace the default model of the weapon into its variants so that whenever NPCs use that same weapon they will have that model instead of the original one. (Ex: Replacing the SWAT SMG with the Gangland Tommy Gun so that...
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    Everyone in cutscenes has a surprised face

    LOL, this is the most random shit ever. And I fucking love it!
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    New Gang Cars For Gang Customization 3.0

    I just add a comment to make sure that the updated 3.0 version of this topic is move in front of the page so everyone can see. :)
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    3rd Street Saints Automatic Backup.

    Request accepted. However, please work on your grammar, mate. Your comment gave me a hard time to figure out what I was reading.
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    SRIV | Share your character pictures

    Well, I think I should share my character, too. I think the shadow in this screenshot make my girl look pretty mysterious and cool at the same time.
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    Gat Outta Hell kill animations.

    Then probably we could only use the mod (if anyone can actually make it exist) in Saints Row 4 since Saints Row 3 doesn't have a correct knife model. Anyway, I think I should buy GOOH and see if I can make this possible.