Saints Row 2 Missions Revamped.

At last, I have finally completed my little project called "Missions Revamped". In this mod, a lot of the main missions in the game has been modified so that it gave you a completely different feel when you play the campaign again. I have tried my best to learn from the other modders so that I can modified the missions to suit the game world a bit better. No more would you feel like you are doing everything by yourself as now a lot of missions will spawn Saints crews to appear on the map, run into the battle and help you gun down any oppositions. However, the numbers of enemies have also been increased about double or maybe even more so pack your gear, load your weapons and lead your crew to total domination of Stilwater once again with all these revamped missions.


-Prologue: These missions are kept mostly the same as these are just back to basics. So just breeze through it as usual with little to no difficulties.

-Appointed Defender: You will give Gat a GAL43 so he can kill off the cops easier. Also he’s tougher than normal so you won’t need to revive him as much.

-The Ronin:

-Saint's Seven: You and Gat will rob the Casino as usual. However the Ronin will spawn in a lot faster and more in numbers. At the start of the mission, there will be 2 random Saints members standing near Gat. You can feel free to recruit them as they are very tough and can help you watch your back. Also there will be 2 Saints waiting inside the casino and they wield AS14 shotguns so they can fend off some Ronins for you.

-Bleeding Out: The Saint Driver will drive a custom Saints Hammerhead with a new design and wield a GAL43 SMG so he can go fast and hit hard. On the way, there will be a Saints Attrazione that will help you in escorting Gat to the hospital. I made the enemies' vehicles in this mission ridiculously tough so that you have to aim for the drivers to stop them instead of blasting the hell out of them.

-Orange Threat Level: The Ronin bodyguards will be in much larger numbers since they want to distract you as long as possible for Kazuo to escape. There will be 2 random Saints member at the start of the mission and they are very tough so recruit them if you feel like you and Pierce will need some backup. Once you go inside the airport, a crew of Saints will bust in through another door and start mowing down some Ronins at the stairs with shotguns to clear the way for you first. Once you get up the stairs, help them taking out the Ronin army at the airport.

-Kanto Connection: There will be a lot of Ronin waiting for you at Kanto. It's not just 5 or 6 Ronins as in the original. There will be like 15 of them waiting for you so try to keep your back at the wall and kill them one by one before cutting up Jyunichi yourself. Don't worry as Pierce and Troy will be there to help you. Why Troy you ask? Let’s say he wasn’t too happy about some Japanese dude cut up his friend’s girlfriend. Pierce will use a katana to deal with the Ronin. Troy will prefer to let his fist does the talking.

-Rest in Peace: Shogo will pull every single Ronin left at his disposal to take you out so be ready. Don't be too worry as everyone who appear at the funeral will help you out including Gat, Pierce, Shaundi, Troy and 2 friendly police officers who follow the Police Chief.

-Good D: The Saints members will spawn all over the ongoing battle to help you fend off the Ronin. Feel free to recruit any of them since they are tougher than your typical Saints. Watch out for the RPG Ronins ambushing you. Also Kazuo will have deadly aim with his AR200 so try and work your way around him rather than facing him head-on.

-SH Suburb Strip Club: There will be a lot of Ronins waiting inside the club so stay low and take them out one by one. Also there will be a lot of reinforcements coming after you once you get to the rooftop. Once you get up the roof, there will be some Saints members wielding RPGs to help you take out the reinforcements.

-The Brotherhood:

-Waste Not Want Not: Once you have stolen the chemical and reached the helipad, you have to fend yourself longer than usual. A Joint Task Force combined of the FBI, SWAT, Ultor Securities and The Nuclear Plants securities will be out for your ass. Some 3rd Street Saints members will help you take the them out but be careful as the come in serious numbers.

-Retribution: Some Saints members will help you taking back the liquor store and help you in rescuing the Saints that are being arrested by the cops.

-The Enemy of my Enemy: Once you have reached the shipments, the Brotherhood will send everything they have to kill you non-stop. Some of the Saints arriving to the ship to help you take the weapons back will use that said weapons and help you fending off the huge waves of Brotherhood.

-The Siege: ALL OUT WAR. That is all I'm gonna say.

-The Sons of Samedi:

-Burning Down The House: One of the labs will be flooded with the Samedis. Once you take one of the drug lab down in that said lab, the Saints will drive in and help you kill the remaining Samedis.

-Bad Trip: The Samedis are coming in huge numbers and they won’t stop trying until either you or them are dead. Help Pierce, Shaundi and some other members of the 3rd Street Saints will help you in standing your ground.

-Riot Control: All of junkies in town are out for your drug shipment. Help Shaundi and Pierce to fend off the horde of junkies. Some of the Saints will drive in and help you in taking them out.

-Eternal Sunshine: Some Saints members will help you in storming the slaughterhouse and during the battle against Sunshine.

-Assault on Precinct 31: The cop will be dead serious about driving you out of the room. They will send in SWAT members wielding powerful M4A1 to deal with you. Find a good cover and fend them off.

-The Shopping Maul: The Saints will help you in ambushing the General limo with RPGs and other heavy weapons. Once you are inside the Mall, you are on your own with 5 stars Samedi wanted level. Shaundi is also a lot tougher so don't worry about reviving her too much.

-SH Elysian Fields Trailer Park: The Saints will help you storming through the hordes of Samedis near the laundry so you can get to the map safely. But beware as there’s some Samdis inside using powerful M4A1s to take you out.

-Stilwater University Student Union: There will be hordes of Samedis inside the the university. You can either try to slip through them while the 3rd Street Saints backup distracting them or help the Saints and mow down every single Samedis you can find. Beware as the Samedis may come out faster than you can kill them.

-Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock: A huge tug of war will occur in the middle of the dock between a huge group of 3rd Street Saints and the Sons of Samedis. Help the Saints taking out the drugs and boats along with any Samedis spotted on sight.

-Ultor Corporation:

-Picking a Fight: A large group Masako will be inside the club and they will fire at you non-stop. 3 Saints members who are happen to be in the club with you will help you breaking out of the club while using powerful shotguns that are great at dealing with the persistent Masakos.

-…and a Better Life: Once you managed to get inside of the Philips building, every single Masako stationed there will be out for your blood. Try to load up with the heaviest firearms you can get your hands on as Dane Vogel’s guards will continuously showing up until either you or Dane is dead.

-Bonus Missions from NOVA SPE ( made by Mr. Ryan_saint_2 so special thanks to him for providing me some extra stuff to work with.

EM02 (Originally known as Corporate Meltdown): I have two styles for this missions.
-Style 1: I have always felt that it was kind of a shame to not have a mission where all 4 new gangs go to war against each other in one single mission in Saints Row 2. I decided to change the mission a bit to make a homage to the mission called "Reclamation" from our beloved Saints Row 1. Basically I replaced all of the enemies in the missions with members of the Brotherhood, Ronin and Sons of Samedi. They will drive their gang vehicles into the plant and start blasting at each other in an effort to take the most dangerous place in Stilwater. So help the Saints members at the plant in taking out the gang in probably the bloodiest turf war yet in Saints Row 2.
-Style 2: We all know Dex is involved in this mission in the original DLC. That makes me think what Dex could possibly pull to take the nuclear waste and in the mean time taking out the Boss of the most powerful gang in Stilwater once and for all? How about rallying all the fallen gangs in Saints Row 2, giving them Ultor's deadliest weapons and throwing in some squads of Masako as backup for them? Sure, why the hell not. Troy, our beloved Chief of Police ain't too happy about hearing Dex trying to kill his friends so he personally take part in the battle against Dex's army with you. He even managed to pull some volunteers from the Stilwater Police Department and the FBI to help the 3rd Street Saints. Of course Johnny Gat won't miss a chance of trying to get back at Dex so he'll be there also. A Jointed Task Force of the 3rd Street Saints, Stilwater PD and FBI vs a newly formed alliance between the Ronin, the Sons of Samedi, the Brotherhood and Dex's personal Masako goons. Sure, why the hell not make it real?

(Download the mission's file of your liking below. Listed as Style 1 and Style 2 so pick the one you like. Hell why not download both...)

*KNOWN BUGS SO PLEASE READ THIS!! (Some of them may crash your game!!):

Overall: If your "Player" hit points are modified in anyway with the "spawn_info_ranks" file, a lot of the mission will crash so just keep its original stats (Hit points: 1000 and Knockdown points: 300) so you can play the mod with only these few bugs below:

-Eternal Sunshine: If you recruit homies outside of the mission then bring them to the final battle with Sunshine, the game will crash during the cutscene where Sunshine try to use voodoo on you about 3 or 4 seconds into the cutscene so just skip it. Once you are done killing Sunshine, the cutscene will also crash about 12 seconds into it so just skip it. Basically this mission is pretty buggy about the cutscenes so just skip all of them entirely. You can still watch the cutscene without any problem with TVs inside your cribs.

-Good D: Once you completed the mission, the game will always crash about 3 to 4 second into the cutscene so just skip it immediately once you completed the mission. You can still watch the cutscene without any problem with TVs inside your cribs.

-The Siege: Just a very minor bug that will cause the last floor to not spawn enemies the correct way. This doesn't harm your progress in anyway as you can just walk through to Maero. However if you want it to spawn correctly and see what I did to it, you need to restart the mission from checkpoint once you kill all of the Lieutenants.

-Stilwater University: The game will sometimes crash when you approach the university. Once you kill all of them Samedis outside of the university, stand still and do absolutely nothing until the game tell you your next objective or else the game will crash.

-Suburb Strip Clubs: Sometimes the game won’t mark out the targets that you need to take out once you get to the rooftop. Just try and kill every single Ronin below and the mission is done without any problems.

-…and a Better Life: Dane might appear invisible but he can still be hit. Try to spray a few shots at Dane as he still have the red target arrow above him. Once he took enough damage he will become visible again.

(All the missions are tested on my personal rig only so I don't know if there will be any other bugs that will occur to your game if you use this mod)

-Just drop all of the extracted files into the "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE"
folder in your Gentlement of the Row folder then rebuild it.

Disclaimer: Most of these missions are made based on the structure of "
Challenge/Realism Mod"

made by xQd and I only modify the mission files so it suits my my personal taste. Without this mod, I could have never completed or learned how to do the coding on my own so special thanks to him. Check his mod out if you are curious



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This is some nice work. Some of the missions are really fun to play again with this "Revamp Project" of yours. However, some parts are pretty insane like boss battle against Sunshine where he's a bit too spongy and there's too many enemies to kill. Or the final floor of the Siege where there are a tons of Brotherhood with AR200s. Or the relentless Masako during the final battle inside Phillips building. Not saying this is not amazing as this is some of the best mods I've seen for this game.
Bro can u make a mod like your ''saints backup in saints row 4 '' but in saints row 2 i love call saints for help me ! :)
Looking here, all these positive comments, thought this mod would be good. No. This is literally the most broken mod I've found on this entire site.
In Down Payment, all the markers stick, and this adds more enemies; not all of the enemies killed count for the Samedi killed objective. Since the markers stick, you can't tell where anything is. Great start.

Then we make it to Got Dust, Will Travel. This was the first mission I did after the prologue, which I only finished because I deleted this mod. Decided to redownload, hope it would work. It did! Until the final checkpoint, where the game crashed. I know for sure it's this mod that caused it because I removed it, AGAIN, and tried it. Worked like a charm.

Anyone who's read this far, I advise avoiding this mod. It's too broken to play. That's all I have to say. I'm sure if you get it to work it's amazing and all, but without major bug fixes it's too risky to use.