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    Homies & NPCs npc voices modify

    Hello again. I found a solution inside the npc xtbl, in this case npc_stewardess.xtbl <Personas> <Persona> <Name>WF_STEW</Name> <Weight>100</Weight> </Persona> </Personas> This is just in the final of the variant of the npc. Personas is the list. Persona is the information of the...
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    Homies & NPCs npc voices modify

    Hello everyone. I'm searching a way to modify voices on npc. For example, i want npc_stewardess have the npc_stewardess_gen voice also, not only the exclusive voice that she has. But i haven't found any clues about that. Do anyone have a solution for this? Thanks
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    Some model preset issue

    Hello again I'm working on modifying the npc fighting melee styles, male with brotherhood and female with ronin. I use the solution of @Heeyay in the post Thats works fine. But... There is one...
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    SR2 | Edit NPC clothes (I'm new)

    Hello, everyone. Just a few days i started modding my sr2 game using de table crunch and the builder package. There is one issue I would like to raise. I happen to be trying to change the look of the npc: The first thing I did was to change the colour of the high heels on stewardess...