SR2 | Edit NPC clothes (I'm new)

Hello, everyone. Just a few days i started modding my sr2 game using de table crunch and the builder package.

There is one issue I would like to raise. I happen to be trying to change the look of the npc:
The first thing I did was to change the colour of the high heels on stewardess (npc_stewardess) and on service (npc_service) to Amber and White respectively (the original is Black).

I builded it and it worked.

So I tried to make a somewhat drastic change. With npc_beach_female, I tried changing the sandals for the high heels, to see if it would work, editing of course the corresponding .xtbl file, as well as the rest.

The result was somewhat unexpected, as the npc was not wearing high heels, but her feet were as if she was wearing them, giving the impression that she was tiptoeing all the time.

My question is: is there any way or solution to make the change of clothes, in this case shoes, a success?

If you need more details, let me know, even a screenshot, I have them.


Note: I'm new in this forum, so i don't know where this thread should be. Any advice will be welcome