What is GOTR

I saw that some mods and another threads talking and using Gentelman of the Row. I saw the main thread, but i still don't understand what is really GoTR and what's the difference with the original. Any detailed explanation will be helpful. Thanks


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GoTR is like a "patch". During the installation of it you can pick a few options. There's a few mods included in gotr so you can pick form the list which you want to install or select vanilla patch that doesn't contain any mods (contains only some basic improvements). There's also a third option "custom build" and this one you need to pick if you want to use other mods that aren't included in the main pack.
Ok, another question, I have the patch vcc file modified for testing a lot of modifications in npcs and player stats with the table cruncher and the extractor tools. These changes, if i install GoTR, they are gonna be deleted? For backup
I have an issue. I installed GoTR and it works perfect. But i tried to remake the patch builded using my changes I made in melee.xbtl. I put it in a folder called PLACE OUR MODS HERE. But when i run the game modified patch it stucks at LOADING 40%. So, what I did bad?

Note: the melee.xbtl modified works in the default version of SR2