SPOILERS Your Pros+Cons about the remaster?

I'm really enjoying it, and think the graphics upgrade is cool, but it does seem odd to not add to the game to fill in some of the gaps, or improve the driving, or clothing poly count. I also thought it was a missed opportunity to not include the clothing and hair from Saints Row 4. I'm glad they did it, but....seems like it was a bit minimal effort.

Having said that I just recently reinstalled Saints Row 2, and I have to admit, that game accept for graphics is far superior to the games that followed. The driving felt more realistic, the world was more fleshed out, and everything just felt more advanced. Hard to see how that wouldn't have been more of a priority. If lighting and texture was going to be the only focus, Saints Row 2 would have been a perfect candadate for an update. Even now it's an impressive game.
My cons about this game is all the simple glitches like sound volume not being loud enough like the music might be to quite and the voice would be loud even if it's max, vehicle sounds not syncing right, the Genki Manapult is missing parts, and black squares on the screen.
not much problem for me from day one of the release, except that the STAG soldiers' face is covered by a glass visorthat makes it hard to see their faces. as someone who plays both versions modded with female enemies (and given the face in SR3 classic is the only way to tell the soldiers apart by appearance) it is really annoying and kind of kills the enjoyment of picking a fight with STAG. even more annoying given that the face of the white female stag soldier is quite pretty.

and there is also the problem of little to no modding available from day one, meaning i would have/had to wait for someone to port over/recreate every mod i can't live without over to the remaster. another minor complaint is that it takes 46-ish gigabytes of space, whereas the original was a mere 12 by comparison. then again, it is a remaster with better graphics so the bigger size is understandable.
Honestly, the game looks beautiful remastered. However, for me, this is a mixed bag. I loved the original when it came out in 2011, and I just bought the Remastered on a Steam sale a few days ago, and installed @Kizburger 's truly awesome nude mod. I also booted up the PC version of SR2 and messed around with that, but I have to say, that in 2022, these games did not age very well. Everything in SRTT Remastered feels clunky and clumsy to me now. I hate like hell to compare it to GTA for obvious reasons, but I think GTAV and GTAO really spoiled me. Everything feels soooo smooth in those games. I am going to keep playing SRTT Remastered and SR2, hoping I will adjust to them. I honestly don't remember everything feeling so clunky. The driving feels awful to me now. Not as bad as Just Cause 2/3/4, but "spongy" is the only way I can describe the driving now. Again, maybe I just need to get used to it again, because I remember being a lot more comfortable with SR2 and SRTT back in the day.