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Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by Strogglet, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. This is probably very stupid but I can't blame myself.

    The modders mention a simple format called .xtbl, but I don't see any on my game folder.

    I thought I needed to extract so I used Minimaul's one and all I got is nothing. I did got a .xtbl file, but it's not the one I am looking for.

    I need the "weapon_upgrades.xtbl" or so. And if anybody has a better way of manually extracting then please tell it (unless there's no need for it to get that .xtbl).

    So can somebody help me with it?
  2. Funny, I know minimaul's will extract all the needed xtbls for cases like that. While it doesn't convert some stuff like asms it unpacks the vpps and str2s which is what's wanted here.

    Weapon_upgrades.xtbl is found in misc_tables.vpp_pc so if you have trouble with his tool, try Gibbed's Tools to unpack it. Specificially, use the gibbed.saintsrow3.unpackvpp.exe to unpack the misc_tables.vpp_pc file found in the packfiles\pc\cache of your SR3 folder.
    Then you can just slot that xtbl once modified into the game folder itself.
  3. I can do that, Minimaul's tool extracts whole stuff I hardly need.

    Slight problem, how do I do this exactly? I started "gibbed.saintsrow3.unpackvpp.exe" but in one second it disappears. I think I need a .bat command but don't know which it is. You know which?

    Edit: Nevermind, I just had to drag it, I got the file and works good. Thanks a lot!
  4. Uzi


    I'm lost.
    I've installed and edited a fair number of others Sr3 mods, alterted xtbl entries to suit me when I figure things out.

    However I now want to do something with a vehicle or two , like the SWAT tank and hummer to allow 3 homies to fit inside
    so I had the bright idea to try to find the files needed to do so.

    I found Minimauls extract tool and was rewarded with a zillion directories of files with extenstion .pc for the most part, all of which
    are binary format of some sort.
    So I supposed I needed some sort of converter and I found this thread about this Gibbed Tools thing. SO I snagged that, (latest one on that site listed above). Tried to drag n drop a few .pc format files on the EXE's in that pack. Nothing happend or if anything a session crash
    warning in Win 7.

    So how the heck does one end up with the ascii xtbl files I see in various mods I've found here and on s3nexus?

    I maiy be blind but I've yet to find a decent tutorial or anything on what tools are used. I dont' even see a readme in the Gibbed Tools
    archives I downloaded on what they are used for and how. NO documentation. /eyeroll.

    I looked here on this site figuring I'd get some help of the comprehensive sort . IF I missed a post that explains this to
    idiots like me could someone please point me to that post?

    Once I get to that all I need to do is figure out a way to figure out WHICH PC files I need to expand to xtbl format so I
    can just get 3 homies in one damn tank / and or hummer. lol. I suspect I may be in for a lot of pain.
  5. Have a look in the misc_tables.vpp_pc folder.