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  1. Okay so this mod is just a joke reference to the saints row 3 + 4 community who like to rim/wheel size mod there cars. I was bored so I decided to make it possible for saints row 2. This mod is pointless IMO, but hey it's here for those who want to use it. In the download it has a read me file so read it. Also below is some example quick shots of modded wheels, keep in mind though on saints row 2 the max limit is 26 instead of 255 like on other saints row games for wheel size. Anything over 26 does nothing. The max wheel width is 4


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  2. That first pic looked like one of them futuristic bikes from the game Extreme G racing on the N64 lol.
  3. Lol it does! I only know that game because I own a UltraHDMI N64 with a Everdrive 64 V3, (If you don't know what I am talking about, you might wanna read up on it) it's the best mods for a n64 ever. And this is a edit to be clear to avoid anything lol, I do own that physical game somewhere in storage, i got it from a pawn shop here where I live a few years back for 3$.

    Sadly though in the read me theres a full list of vehicles that wheels can't be modified and every motorcycle is on that list besides atv's lol.
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  4. I might just do that, thanks ;)
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