What is happening right now?

Could someone please explain what this new section is, Saints Row isn't available on PC, what am I using these mods on, and where am I installing them?


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I guess I need to explain myself because I see many people being confused here, on discord, on reddit...

So I was aware SR1 was moddable. I saw a lot of people posting their mods or pics of mods on SR discord servers and recently I watched Flippy's video how to mod the game and I was like "why console modding and even talking about modding SR1 is forbidden here?". So I talked to people who are longer here than me and console/SR1 modding was a big problem but like 12 years ago. We also have Xenia, an emulator that allows you to play SR1 on PC all you need to have is an iso of the game... which we believe that everyone has acquired 100% legally ;)

And that's it. The old and outdated rule is gone, feel free to post your SR1 stuff. Hope it will make the forums alive again
I'm gonna need to download this "Xenia" when I get home then.
Ok, apparently I suck at basic internet skills, how do I find Xenia?

I've tried just typing in "Xenia Xbox 360 emulator" into Google, but not of the sites in the results have a working download link.
Ok, I was able to follow his tutorial to the point where I can now play the game, but when he got into the modding section of his video, he lost me.

My packfiles folder looks nothing like what he was showing in his video, so in short, I have no idea how to add mods to Saints Row.