Warden Transformation

i know another way to exit him.Just save you'r game and reload you'r game with the saved file,it doesnt glitch or anything since it resets you'r cheats and character.

is ther any way to add in the cheat that makes your character bigger into the warden mod so hes automaticly like a giant warden ;D iv been using that and the cheat to give him the 'Warden haduken weapon' but tbh i think the mech suite rockets are more effective
You can use the 'imhuge' cheat but you will have to install the additional cheats mod or you can code it yourself.Thats also how you merge mods if anyone didnt know,kinda new to this forum :D.
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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but once I drop the three files in my Steam \ Saints Row IV folder, how do I transform into this guy?
There should be a new 'homie' inside your telephone.

Sweet. It works. Thank you!

For some reason I have the mech's missile weapons and stuff. lol, I probably need to uninstall the giant mech mod and re-install this one to get it to work. Should I be able to melee attack as the warden?


Hoeward, Just Get Zinyak Attack Pack DLC and Wear Warden Suit
To get Hadouken, download IdolNinja's Additional Cheats and enter Give_Warden_Hadouken as cheat and your're Warden!
Same i tried this mod and would love to play it and the hommies is missing. The giant zinyak mech has this issue to but sombody did a fix, can we get that fix for this?