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  1. First off I want to say all credits for the original program go to "Gameqube" for creating the program;)
    This is simply an updated version of his great work to make your life easier;).
    This verion of the asm updater is included to update almost every asm_pc file in the game:).
    It still uses the gibbed tools to update the asm_pc files just made a little more user friendly:).
    Gameqube made this program with the intent to make life easier for people like myself that got confused as all hell trying to update the asm_pc files. I simply updated the program to update almost every asm_pc files in the game. Added asm files such as:


    If you find any other asm_pc files you need added please notify me so I can update this;).
    This is avery simple program to use:).

    copy the "ENTIRE" asm updater folder to your main directory:
    Local disk c:/program files x86/steam/steam apps/common/saints row the third
    And leave it there for future use.
    When ready to update the asm_pc files, open the folder and run the top windows batch file to update all asm_pc files in the main directory. A small windows command prompt pops up and updates all asm_pc files for you. When you remove any mods from the main directory you would run the bottom windows batch file and it will do the same only it will remove the desired mod from the asm_pc file for you;).

    This was posted in a separate thread from Gamequbes original thread since it has been a while since he has had time to work on the program:). Any issues with this being posted here, moderaters please remove and lock the thread if necessary. I find that I use this program a hundred times a day and would be lost without it so I figured since I have the free time to help with the original program I would post it here.
    If anyone should find any asm_pc files needed added to this list feel free to let me know it can be added.

    Again all credits for the original program should be directed to "Gameqube"

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  2. This is an update v2 which includes new asm_pc files.
    this version should be able to update any asm_pc files in the game. if you find any missing please notify me so they can be added

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  3. Will it work with SR4?
  4. no. thomas jepp is necessary for that. sorry.
  5. whoa! your tool works!
  6. Awesome,I love you
  7. what exactly does it do? also is there a new update or something? my game now just stays at 40% loading when I used it idk if it broke something or I broke something
  8. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    You only need this tool if you're using mods that use ASM files. And whenever you uninstall such a mod or install one which uses the same file, you need to update the ASM to work for both mods.
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