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  1. Ever wonder why your female player never does any of those sexy dances like the other characters in the game:oops:? Well this is a quick and simple mod i made when i saw someones great idea for this for sriv. Nothing fancy to it. Just thought i made sexy body mods for the female characters, why not let her act sexy. I didn't use any of the hoe slutty animations or anything funny like that but i could probably find some other animations or port one from sriv but this works for now. Any ideas for other animations just say something and i will see what i can do. Simply extract and copy the tables folder to your main directory and done:). In game just push the crouch button to make her dance. With a weapon crouched the animation remains the same( ready to kick ass).

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  2. amazing , also is it possipal to make a sit animation ? i mean just sitting on the ground ?

    Edit : for some reason it dose not seem to work ;o
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  3. Can i Use this Mod with " Alternate Animations for Female Player Character - SRTT Edition " ?

    I Love DANCE for my character

    For Female Character Only ?
  4. I wanted to know the same thing. Replaying SRTT but don't know how to combine these files as it has the same file name as one from the "Alternate Animations for Female Player Character - SRTT Edition"
  5. This Two Mods File Name are SAME , so if only can choose one of them ,not good. IF BOTH are IN , yeah .
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