unlockables.xtbl changing damage resist upgrades

Hello, i'm trying to change values for damage upgrades, but it doesn't seem to be represented in the game? Like lowering Fire_Resist_4 to 80% instead of 100%.

Im using "Shitface & Fan of Saints' Expanded Arsenal Mod" and it adds 4th level of bullet/explosion upgrades. I lowered them in unlockables.xtbl to 50%(after buying them in game), but they still give 100% resist. I've tried everything, deleting 3th and 4th upgrade. Still have 100% resist. Saving and loading, then rebuying 3th upgrade. Still have 100% resist. Rebuying 4th upgrade. Still have 100% resist.
I even patched the misc_tables.vpp_pc, thinking that maybe interaction with unlockables.xtbl in root folder is bugged, but it also didn't help.

So the question is how can i modify damage upgrade resists mid game? There is no save editor, and just straight up deleting the upgrade from unlockables does't help(even though the upgrade is gone from the list), i still have 100% resist.

Edit: In this thread they also noticed that changing it in unlockables doesn't work, but there was no solution.
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