Unlock Upgrades, Powers, and Unlimited Powers

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  1. respect_levels.xtbl: Unlock Powers, Upgrades, etc... right from the start.

    unlockables.xtbl: Extra Upgrades, including Damage Resist Fire, Bullet, Vehicle, and melee. Lots more too! Also unlocks all 4 powers right after you finish the flight tutorial. (May need respect_levels to unlock some upgrades.)

    tweak_table: No recharge for powers, Superpower grenade doesn't make you lose your powers once you leave the bubble, and flap your wings as much as you want (Real number is 50,000).

    Final version. Mod complete.


    copy *.xtbl files to main directory with the executable for the game

    C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell\

    remove the files. **note: some unlocked/purchased abilities may remain active**



    Edit: added price to a few free items, That I would rather pay for. No other real changes.


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  2. Does the respect still work after you completed the game?
  3. It should. It only sets the prerequisites for unlocking powers and upgrades to level 1. You still have to buy them. Except no ragdoll from explosions, that one unlocks automatically.

    Edit: it unlocks automatically if you also use the unlockables.xtbl
  4. i have both of them in my GOOH folder , but it doesnt unlock them all . When you make a new version can you add something to make it so it unlocks for the people who started and who finished?
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  5. Now all i need is a infinite money cheat
  6. So... It worked or no? If you're already level 20 then you've already unlocked most of what the respect_levels makes available.
  7. Oh ok thanks :D
  8. Yeah im already lvl 20 :D
  9. Here you go. Same as main but with an additional unlock that gives you way too much money.

    Edit: also, if you want to make sure they're working, go to resistances in upgrades and look for no ragdoll - explosions. If it's there, it's working.

    Edit: Removed files. See second page for re-upload. I forgot something.
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  10. i Found a infinite money thing but thankyou though :D
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