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  1. After what felt like a crash course in basic photography and cinematic techniques and a lot of trial and error, I've achieved what I feel like is my best work with ReShade so I wanted to share this with the community: 20191125145556_1.jpg

    This is a ReShade i feel captures the essence of SR3, injecting a richness of colour to accompany the over the top mayhem whilst utilising subtle techniques to enhance the image without sacrificing framerate.

    And whats more remarkable is I've got a DOF shader to work without distorting the fucking UI...I must be getting half competent ...
    Also yes there's a bit of shamless self promotion going on in these pictures for other mods I'm working on.

    Instillation tutorial is included in the zip file as is a ReShade 4.3.0 setup file. The latest version on resahdes site was crashing SR3 to desktop last time I tried using it.

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  2. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    4.4 version of Reshade crashes my SR4 and SR3 but for some reason works great with SR2
  3. Strange. But thanks for the heads up nonthless, I'll have to try it out with SR2 soon.
    Ye. Sr4 masako goon ported over skinballs model. I can provide download if u like? Never understood why ultor never featured in SR3 when the gang is literally refered to as the "saints ultor media group."
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  4. Yes I like! please provide download,thank you very much!
  5. Could I get a link as well? Lol
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