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SPOILERS Two Best Friends Play: Saints Row 4

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by War Raichu, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. seems they were given permission to do their brief lets play of the game early

    just a forewarning, while they do show off brief shots of the first few missions we've seen from E3 footage, they also end the video with a very significant spoiler that I wish I hadn't seen.
  2. Yea, I saw that earlier, the spoiler at the end wasn't cool at all man. Rest of the video was pretty cool though
  3. Superman

    Superman Modding patch tester

    Thanks for warning. Not watching it.
  4. Laura....better...be....on...that...ship...
  5. When i saw this i didnt know what to say.
  6. Do you know what to say now?
  7. Can someone tell me why there are no capes in the game? It is simply the most iconic symbol of heroism we have. Do not get me started with that ridiculous Edna Mode argument, all heroes she dealt with were street-level characters at best, unable to survive an ordinary aircraft turbine.
  8. After watching the gamespot live stream we are shown Matt's super hero costume and it has the traditional look that both Batman and Superman sport, I remember saying out loud that I must have that outfit for my own character, so here's to hoping!

    As for the two best friends play SR4 video, I found it kind of insulting that these two morons received an early copy of the game because they somehow have the ability to put together a gameplay mashup video, and then throwing out that massive spoiler towards the end like that (but that is partially my own fault for actually watching that video in the first place).
  9. I've managed to avoid a number of spoilers (except one about a certain character returning, ah well) so I won't watch this.

    My guess about capes though is it could well be a modelling/physics thing. Capes are harder to do, I'd assume (not being a modeller) but the bigger problem is having them move dynamically. Either you have some weird solid thing that has no relation to character movement, which wouldn't be worth it, or you have one that flaps and sways as you move, with some semblance of inertia and fluttering. The poor consoles are already struggling under the game itself, two people in co-op wearing capes is probably a lot of extra load on it to handle the calcualtions for physics/rendering.

    At least that's how it feels to me. I'm not terribly fond of the severe limitations of consoles (and from what I've heard, no one likes coding the PS3 because of its design which was at least fixed for the PS4).. and when the PS4/One hit everyone will be going how OMG they're so amazing look at this power! except for the pc users who are already AT that level.. and in 5 years it'll be crap once again and we'll be moaning how it's holding back games.

    On one hand I like how a game like this gets out to as many people as possible so everyone can love it, but on the other hand I hate how there's a lot of compromises for decade-old hardware that the pc suffers thanks to the fact that let's face it, a full-out separate PC version is too much time/work for a smaller studio. And, well, we've seen what happens when someone else than Volition does the PC port. :rolleyes:

    Really though, I'll keep waiting for the game, without seeing all these spoilers. Thankfully people here are tagging them in the threads..
  10. Yeah, I saw this earlier. Sort of wish I didn't thanks to that spoiler at the end. They could of put a spoiler warning at the start of the video at the very least.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2013