Tornado & Side Shooter

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by Illusive Saint, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. I was just looking through the helifighter files and looked at the Tornado's one.

    I see a few topics from people saying if the Helicopter Class can be customizable.

    I saw this line at the begining;


    Maybe this might be the solution? :)

    Now in Saints Row 2 the Side Shooter had loads of un-finished modeling to it.

    In this game it's completley done to look like the Oppressor.

    Except when you look at them you can see the Side Shooter has sort of got a smal width.

    And when i put the code in to allow the gang file it locks me into the gang car section but the game does not freeze :-/

    Any reason why?

    And if the files of the car dealership still exsist from SR2 can a dealership shop be made or replace a current shop?
  2. Which file and where exactly did you put the code in ? I can see similar lines in other cars files and not sure it's the point.
  3. I put it in the homies as well but it does nothing.

    It's like the game is restricting us from getting it.

    Or they must be a Veriant code i must put in.
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