Compilation The Last Judgment

The Last Judgment MOD
Changes Done
+ Almost all Demons have been replaced with the lamb mascot NPC
+ Lamb Mascots arrive driving a Churchill or Motorcycles
+ Grenadiers only use Plasma Rifles and Grenades
+ More Legionnaires now spawn
+ 8 imps spawn at a time instead of 3
+ Spires Spawn on Last round
+ Titans Spawn on last round and help
+ No Snipers
+ No more enemy tanks
+ Genki's Spawn in Level 2
+ Genki's attack only with spike paddle
+ Genki has less HP
The Last Judgment 2.0 (UPDATE)
+No more Tusks
+Tusks have been replaced with: Viola, Matt Miller, Genki & Jezebel
+Duke has been replaced with Satan
+1 or 3 Satans spawn
+Imp summon replaced with Kinzie
+Titan spawn replaced with Gat
+Vlad replaces the Shadow Demons
+Demons replaced by Zinyaks

Plans for the Future

Replace Vehicles
Replace more NPC's



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drag and drop everything in your main GOOH directory (where your game launcher is)


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