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  1. I am compiling a list of EVERY mod ever made for Saints Row The Third.
    This list will go through each category and confirm if the remaster launches or crashes.

    Note 1: Everything with the tag Game Launches was not tested past getting to the main menu

    Note 2:Files confirmed to crash the game: items_3d, Customization_items

    Note 3: When I started this list I was not aware that str2 and asm files no longer work. If the mod has either of those files chances are... It won't do anything.

    Note 4: The game no longer loads loose lua files so any mod relying on SR3_City.lua will not work. I will be skipping all of those.

    Note 5: I have a lot of faith in all of the mods in the Weapons section working. (except the ones marked Not Working or Confirmed Crash) safe bet is that those 30 mods *most likely* work

    Shitface's Weapon Re-Balance: Re-Erected -CONFIRMED CRASH
    SR4 and GooH Weapons Pack (Including flow's custom ones) - CONFIRMED CRASH
    No Auto Pick Up Weapons - CONFIRMED CRASH (items_3d)
    Henry08's SRIV Weapon Mods Ported for SRTT - CONFIRMED CRASH (items_3d)
    Fire pistol - CONFIRMED CRASH

    Realistic SRIV Weapons Ported for SRTT - CONFIRMED CRASH (items_3d)
    Shitface's Weapon Re-Balance Mod - CONFIRMED CRASH
    Disable Forced Weapon Pickup/Switch Mod - CONFIRMED CRASH (items_3d)
    Jedi mod - CONFIRMED CRASH (items_3d)
    Saints Row: The Third - Maero's Minigun - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Vehicles Real Weapon Damage V2.1 Final - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Black With Red Bits gun collection - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Weapons texture mods - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)

    Triple shot, Incendiary, Explosive Gravedigger. - Game Launches
    Snipe's Unlocked Temporary Weapons Permanently Mod - Game Launches
    Viper's Weapon Tweaks - Game Launches
    Melee Weapons Reworked - Game Launches
    Eradicator 1.0 - Hand held laser gun - Game Launches
    Realistic Gun Mod for SR3 - Game Launches
    Cazzonero Armory - weapons mod - Game Launches
    K-8 Krukov Increased Rate fo Fire and Magazine capacity. v1.0 - Game Launches
    Full Auto AR55 - Game Launches
    Extreme RPG - Game Launches
    stun gun dual weild and no overheat - Game Launches
    Inciendiary Be Gone Weapoons Upgrade Mod - Game Launches
    Realistic Guns!- Game Launches
    TRUE TOGO V1 -Game Launches
    Mega's Weapon Tweaks - Game Launches
    Urban Warfare Weapons Pack - Game Launches
    Handgun Fun - Just messing around. - Game Launches
    michaelfung2000's Weapons Tweak - Game Launches
    Extreme stun-gun V1.0 - Game Launches
    Saints Row The Third Overhaul v0.9a - Game Launches
    A Tough City + some weapons modifications - Game Launches
    Powerful Stag Weapons. - Game Launches
    Buster Rapid Fire - Game Launches
    Tracer-less & Muzzleflash-less Weapons - Game Launches
    Badalicious Weapons Mod - Game Launches
    Genki-Rocket Pistols - Game Launches
    Epic air stike (MOAB) + more - Game Launches
    Do less melee DMG - Game Launches
    StinkGun 1.0 - Game Launches
    Fun with Explosives - Game Launches
    Quick Super Power Mod - untested. Contsins sr3_city.lua

    Black And Chrome Gun Collection And Viper's Custom Mods - untested
    Joe's Tacticool Weapons!- Untested (contains items_3d)

    Things To Do In Steelport - Family-Friendly Edition - CONFIRMED CRASH
    SR:TT | NTP - Winter - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    SR:TT | NTP - Summer - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    The Super Ethical Patch 4.0 (Classic Edition) - Mod author came out with a compatible version
    Rare Vehicle Cheats (includes Additional Cheats) v5 - CONFIRMED WORKING
    GoshU's Mod Pack - Untested. Contsins sandbox+
    NPC behaviour and spawn mod - untested (touches packfiles and replacing any packfile will cause game to not launch currently)
    Sandbox+ - Untested (sr3_city.lua)

    Rain's Mini-Mods: Cheaty Properties - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Weather Mod: Non-Stop Rain - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Rainy Weather - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Vehicle Chrome and Glow Paint - Confirmed partially working
    Crazed Saints Fans (Zombie Replacer) - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Vehicle Camera First Person Mod by quantumsingularity86 - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Mascot Zombies - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Super Kick on Cars- mod author confirmed working
    My BOSS in Whored Mode example - CONFIRMED WORKING (if you have og sr3 you can follow the instructions to import your character to sr3r whored mode)
    The Super Black Crusader Mod (V2 Out Now!) - CONFIRMED WORKING

    MrM3rk's Whored Characters - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Bloodshed Mod - CONFIRMED WORKING
    STeve's Better Camera Mod as found elsewhere - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Normal Property Prices v1.2 Final - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Increased Property Prices - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Uzi's Better Camera_free (Camera View) - CONFIRMED WORKING
    No more red screen of death - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Notoriety Error Fix & Logic Improvement - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Alternate Animations for Female Player Character - SRTT Edition - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Extra rims - CONFIRMED WORKING

    Main Menu And Default Character Mod By Viper Venom - PARTIALLY WORKING (use only the videos file)
    Easier Activity Goals (SR3 Edition!) -Game Launches
    Enhanced DLC homies - Game Launches
    Hot Tuned Drive Zero - Game Launches
    Extended Customization v1.2 - Now with more helis - Game Launches
    Cyberbitches in your gang, Matt Miller, Phillipe Loren too. - Game Launches
    Melee Overhaul - Game Launches
    Steelport Gangs DLC fixes - now with earring morph fix! - Game Launches
    Ultor Family Gun Day (featuring weeaboo saint) - Game Launches
    Saints Row IV vehicle paint - Game Launches
    Alternate gang style - Football Hooligan - Game Launches
    Skinballs & Friends - Game Launches
    Super Trouble with Clones Homie Mod - Game Launches
    Super Genkibowl VII Homies Mod - Game Launches
    MSC Mod (Money Some Changes) - Game Launches
    Personal Weapon and Homies settings. - Game Launches
    VTOL Air Support (And other homie mods) 97.981% done - Game Launches
    Masako SWAT replaces normal SWAT v.1 - Game Launches
    No Auto Upgrades v1.1 - Game Launches
    New Phone Designs For Saints Row: The Third - Game Launches
    Female Animation Replacements and Fixes - Game Launches
    Funny ending cutscene subtitles - Game Launches
    No Animated Camera Mod - Game Launches
    Iron Saint Homie - Game Launches
    Notoriety and Homies Tweak - Game Launches
    Marathon Mad - Game Launches
    Removed Sky Limit - Game Launches
    Unnecessarily fast sprinting speed mod - Game Launches
    Slightly Faster Movement mod - Game Launches
    [SRTT] Enhanced Top Speed - Game Launches
    Morningstar Rising - Game Launches
    Viper's Gang Customized 101 - Game Launches
    Genki Spawn Mod 10% Day 30% Night - Game Launches
    Men in Black - Game Launches
    No Homie Mission Restrictions V1.0 - Game Launches
    Gang Customization, Better Homies and More Taunts - Game Launches
    Original Colors for Gang Customization - Game Launches
    *REVIVED* blood of gat mod - Game Launches
    Notoriety: male and female cops - Game Launches
    Forced No Notoriety - Game Launches
    IdolNinja's Customize any vehicle plus wardrobe color changer (Remastered Edition) - Game Launches
    Decker Blader Homie & Gang Member v1.0 - Game Launches
    Correct Decals - Game launches
    Revamped Car Physics - Game Launches
    Lowered Cruise Control HUD - Game Launches
    Tank Radios v3 - Game Launches
    Female Cop Stripper Mod - Game Launches
    No TOD Override For Missions - Game Launches
    3 Homies in Bulldog mod - Game Launches
    Motor Madness, a Vehicle Handling Mod - Game Launches
    Challenger Radio and Less Naggy Game Tweaks - Game Launches
    Pixel's Zombie Mod - Game Launches
    Moto's DOF Blur Modification SRTT - Game Launches
    Open Doors Mod - Game Launches
    Playing with the homies.xtbl: two lovely ladies - Game Launches
    Car Handling mod - Game Launches
    Fast&Mad Fun mod Saints row the third - Game Launches
    The Blood 106.66 Songs Fix - Game Launches
    Clip Editor - Game Launches
    Saints Destroyer(Crusader Prototype) - Game Launches
    Johnny Gat, Welcome Back! - Game Launches
    Non-Greasy Motorcycles - Game Launches
    Buddy Oleg Mod - Game Launches
    Saints row Street fights - Game Launches
    SRTT Phoenix Decals Mod - Game Launches
    Super Gangstas in Space Homies Mod - Game Launches
    Earn Your DLCs Stuffs and Reward Tweak - Game Launches
    Simply No Damping v. 1.0 - Game Launches
    STAG Assault Eagle Mod - Game Launches

    Peacemaker mod to allow rear passengers to use their weapons - Game Launches
    Unlimited Vehicle Surfing - Game Launches
    Sticky Camera Mod - Game Launches
    Fixed Giant Planes Handling - Game Launches
    Tiger Homie - Game Launches
    Random Homies Mod - Game Launches
    SR3 Weather Reloaded - Game Launches
    Kaneda Reborn - Game Launches
    SR3 Bike Handling Mod - Game Launches
    Prototype Crusader - Game Launches
    Over the Shoulder Cam - Game Launches
    Zapocalypse - Game Launches
    Super Fast Cars And VTOLs+ (v1.01 - Adds missed VTOLs+) - Game Launches
    killbane and phillipe as homies - Game Launches
    Kenshin Bike Overhaul - Game Launches
    Superman Mod (Flight) - Game Launches
    All Wheel Steering - Game Launches
    Increased FOV - Game Launches
    Homies Pierce, Shaundi, and Zombie Gat arrive in VTOLs, and in their spacesuits - Game Launches
    Third Person View 0.1 - Game Launches
    Sabatasso's Keshin Tune-up - Game Launches
    SR3 - Heli Homies - Game Launches
    Genki Bowl VII DLC - Heli Homies - Game Launches
    New Notoriety With Rare Vehicle - Game Launches
    All Motorbikes handling mod - Game Launches
    Breaking News Cars or how to do the Zimo Escort missions easily - Game Launches
    Three cheets - Game Launches
    replacement mod v1.0 - Game Launches
    Rear Wheel Drive Hammer - Game Launches
    Super Cat and Mouse - Game Launches
    Hammerhead better engine. - Game Launches
    Killbane as Homies - Game Launches
    SR3 cop car mod - Game Launches
    Helicoptor Elevation Speed Mod - Game Launches
    Wheel Size Limit Raised Mod - Game Launches
    Zantetzou's spec ops upgrade - Game Launches
    Specter 2.0 - Faster and Laser-Firing - Game Launches
    Changes to Whored Mode - Game Launches
    Notoriety Changes - Game Launches
    Flying Tank and Saintly Vehicles - Game Launches

    Homie Replacement Mod: Swaps Angel with Wrestling Angel. - Game Launches
    Six Gun's REALISTIC NPC Height Variation mod (maby with killable children?) Game Launches CONFIRMED BUGGED

    "Improved" Police Car Physics - Game Launches
    Alternate Times of Day & Weather - CONFIRMED BROKEN (turns everything black)
    Extended Taunts v1.1 - CONFIRMED BROKEN by Arioh

    No Money For Stunt Plus v2.2 - CONFIRMED CRASH
    All unused SR:TT suits available to get (Including Decker Suit) - CONFIRMED CRASH
    First-person camera experiment - CONFIRMED CRASH (customization_items)

    FasterGameLaunch - No Intro - CONFIRMED BROKEN
    Mission Replay v8 - CONFIRMED BROKEN
    Avatar Rampage - Untested (Requires Mission Replay)
    Saints Row The Third Alternate Stand Animations - Untested (replaces packfile)
    Return of Lin - Untested (replaces packfile)
    Direct Store Menu Access addon for Sandbox+ - Untested (Requires Sandbox+)
    Saints Row The Third: SR2 roots mod - Untested (items_3d)
    Hidden cutscene Interiors - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    Lower Drawbridges and Disable Zombies Mod - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    SaintsHUD (Saints Row IV port) - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    British Connection - Untested (replaces packfile)
    Gentlemen of Steelport Compilation - untested/OUTDATED
    Crazy Random Peds and Gang Control in Steelport - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    Advanced Notoriety Mod - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    Expansion gang [completed] - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    Deckers city - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    PORTED ITEMS FROM SRIV BY VIPER VENOM - Untested (replaces packfile)
    VIPER'S Default Tutorial Disabler - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    Random Encounters Mod - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    A new Enemy in Town - Untested (replaces packfile)
    Realism mod - untested (replaces packfile)
    Mission Hotkeys Add-on (Sandbox+) - untested (requires Sandbox+)
    Hidden Cheat Enabler - Untested (replaces packfile)
    Sr3 Ciy Mods WIth Awesomeness - untested (sr3_city.lua)

    Daedalus, Thermopoly and Stag in endgame - untested (sr3_city.lua)
    Disable All Tutorial Popups v3 - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    Funtime! By Stg.T - Untested (items_3d)
    Unofficial Patch v1f0.0.1 Lite (EN) - Untested (sr3_city.lua)
    ExcessiveSR3 (three sexadelic flavours!) - Untested (requires GOS)
    Steelport Flashback Movie Festival - Untested (replaces packfile)
    Permanent Daedelus - Untested (replaces packfile)

    SRTT | Better Defined Muscles - CONFIRMED WORKING
    Player AntSize Mod v1 - CONFIRMED WORKING
    New skin and hair colors Mod - by Cazzonero - CONFIRMED WORKING (little buggy but works)
    Viper's Body Mods - CONFIRMED CRASH(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc; Contsins customization_items)
    SR:TT | Stilwater Swimsuit - CONFIRMED CRASH(Edits str2_pc; Contsins customization_items)
    Removed Hair Restrictions - CONFIRMED CRASH(Contsins customization_items)
    Big Hat Restrictions Removed - CONFIRMED CRASH(Contsins customization_items)
    All Clothing in Stores - CONFIRMED CRASH(Contsins customization_items)
    New Clothing for Sale - Nyteblade, Cyrus, Parachute, etc - CONFIRMED CRASH(Contsins customization_items)
    Player head on blowup doll body and toilet legs - CONFIRMED CRASH(Contsins customization_items)
    Skinballs Outfit ! (and too many other ones too) - CONFIRMED CRASH(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc, packfile; Contsins customization_items)
    SR4 Hairstyles for SR3 - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc, and packfile)
    Drive Movie Jacket SR4 Hairstyles for SR3 - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Shiny clothes for the main character - Not Working(Edits str2_pc)
    Mamba Leather Jacket Texture Fix - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    SR:TT | Eye Texture Project - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Steelport Gangs DLC fixes - now with earring morph fix! - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Viper's Realistic Eye Collection - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Blooded Faces - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Wardrobe Color Change Mod v4 - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Zero Suit Samus Skin Mod (Nice Version) - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Viper's Cyphersuit Collection - Not Working(Edits str2_pc)
    Ultor Assassin Costume Mod - Decker style - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Punisher Logo - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Revy, Black Lagoon in SRTT - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Player Character Texture Mods - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Bead Tattoo - Not Working(Edits str2_pc)
    Beach Pack! Fixed Tanline positions and board shorts from SR4 - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Brighter Eye Colors mod V0.5 - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    WHM New character plus - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Hot Boots variations - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)
    Hot Stockings??? - Not Working(Edits str2_pc, asm_pc)

    More than 500+ Amazing Clothing Colours - CONFIRMED WORKING by Racc
    A copious amount of colours- CONFIRMED WORKING by Racc

    Recently we discovered how to get sr3_city.lua files to load CLICK HERE to learn more.

    Overtime as i work my way through ALL the sr3_city.lua mods I will confirm that they work below.

    Working Elevators mod - Back To Syndicate Tower - CONFIRMED WORKING


    I will ofcourse be doing an Adult corner version of this... just in the adult corner forum so after this is all complete i will put a link to that here.

    Remember this takes a lot of time so be patient. Also please don't harass mod devs for updates. there is nothing anyone can do right now without tools
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  2. Compilations added in recent edit.
    Working on Other Mods currently. Expect an update in an hour or two
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  3. first 50/200 "Other Mods" added. Also if you can message me and confirm a mod listed above as working i will update my list with the fact that it was confirmed working.

    Edit: 100 down about 100 to go

    Edit 2: Other Mods is Complete.
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  4. Taking a small break to... you know... actually play the game. I'll continue with Character Customization soon :)
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  5. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    Thanks a lot for testing this, huge effort that will help us a lot.
    I'm surprised the game launches with my phone mod, but then again it just changes an UI texture, I wonder how it looks in the game though, as well as Maero's minigun which likely doesn't fit on the new model.
  6. F13


    So do texture mods actually have an effect in-game, or do they just not freeze the game? It might be that they simply aren't being read
  7. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    Yes, "Game launches" does not mean "Mod works".
  8. When I started this I didn't realize that str2 and asm files weren't doing anything. I only realized after I finished the list. So unfortunately it seems only xebl files are loading. This is probably why we can't extract the new vpp files as I assume str2 files and asm files aren't used anymore.
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  9. Added Character Customization section and a Saints Row IV section as 2 mods have been confirmed working from it.

    Will soon update all mods with a not working basge if it contains a str2_pc file or a asm_pc file.
  10. So far we have confirmed that 25 mods work. I urge you to look through the list and let me know what works as i am only one person testing everything would take hours.
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