Swimming Bear

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by Admixon, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Admixon

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    Take your Bear from garage and swiiiiiiiiiiim, shoots boats, have fun! :)

    9480_20200401144406_1.png 9480_20200401144944_1.png 9480_20200401145012_1.png 9480_20200401145015_1.png

    Installation Guide
    6. Launch the game
    5. Move everything from "MY_CUSTOM_PATCH" to you Saints Row 2 game folder and overwrite the files
    4. Build a new patch: Open Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2.bat, press P and Enter to create custom patch.
    3. Extract only one file from "APC wata mod" folder into "Gentlemen Of The Row" > "optional_mod_stuff" > "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE"
    2. Download i_made_that_rar_file_just_for_2_files_.nobully..rar file and open it with WinRar or 7zip
    1. Install GoTR first (required!) HERE


    Very Special Thanks to
    F13 for releasing his mods on this forum
    BeautiDuwanger for making cool drawings
    Minimaul & IdolNinja for being awesome dudes who work on the patch for SR2
    MegaFreeman for letting me be a member of his server
    Flow754 for his modding tools and tutorials for SR4
    Singa... for being part of my life...

    Recommended Mods

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  2. Ok now this is awesome.
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  3. Not this one, but some APC's can swim (irl)! will try this mod..
    so, this gives the Bear the ability to swim, or just turns it into a boat?
  4. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    It doesn't sink
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