SWAT mod

SWAT mod by Big Wolf 113

Do you like SWAT in SR3, but calling them once from your phone isn't enough for you? Well this mod adds
SWAT team members trough more homies from your phone:

-The SWAT HOMIES number on your phone now calls 6 SWAT members instead of four and they come in a Bear
instead of a lockdown.

-The SAINTS BACKUP number on your phone now calls 6 more SWAT member and it works exactly like the SWAT
HOMIES number, having them get to you in a bear.

-The VTOL HOMIE now is a Condor with 5 SWAT members inside it. (The Condor actually shoots before landing
and is very aggressive against enemies.)

-The HELICOPTER HOMIE now is a helicopter with 6 SWAT members inside it. (It might take a bit of time to
spawn, but eventually it will.)

Have fun calling all of them at once and start a fight with enemy gangs for a lot of fun. This is my
first mod so there are quite a lot of glitches, but I'll try to fix them in the future. (one of the most
annoying ones is the homies images not appearing in your phone. If anyone knows how to fix this, please
tell me.)


To install the mod simply drag the "homies" file into the main SR3 folder and it should work fine.

Saints Row  The Third Remastered Screenshot 2021.08.31 -
Saints Row  The Third Remastered Screenshot 2021.08.31 -


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So is this for the original Saints Row: The Third, or the remastered version?
In that case I will move it to the remastered section.
Sorry, I have just seen your message unfortunately. I am looking into a solution for your request. I think it's possible, but I am not very good at coding, so it might take me some time. If I ever find a solution I'll let you know and publish it.