Superman Mod

Didn't quite know where to place this as it's a clothing, weapon, and ability mod all in one. It also use to be a "Mod in Progress". This mod changes the "Generic Hero Suit" to Superman's costume , minus his cape (sorry, don't know how to make that 😢). You can also fly like Superman and the "Mech Suit" (invisible) has now been added to your weapon's cache to mimic laser vision and freeze breathe:

Superman suit 1.jpg

I made this a couple of years ago and never quite finished it, so it may be buggy. Anyway install instructions are in the zip file and I hope it works for you. If anyone would like to improve on it (i.e., make it better; make a cape for it 😉), be my guest...Because it's all about the gaming experience, not the credit.


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