Streaking in the Real World 1.0

Inspired by Xauzen's mod "without spacsuits", I created this tiny mod:

Streaking in the Real World 1.0

This is a mod for Saints Row IV. It enables the player to streak even on the ship.

Put the following files into the main folder of the game:


1.0 - Initial release

Moderator Note - Per the Author: This mod just removes the space suit while on the ship, it does not modify the Privacy Censor or the character texture.

Edit by the author:
biosquid2 posted an alternative method with the same result, but using only customization_items.xtbl.


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Shouldnt this be in the adult corner?

Other than the ability to do it on the ship, it doesn't add anything that the base, unmodded, game does.
The Censor bars are still active, and the boss' texture is unmodified.
and how suit named in customization_items.xtbl?
Do a Ctrl+F search for "jumpsuit." There are separate versions for male and female; set the disabled flag on the proper one (depends on the gender of your player character) from no to yes. I've attached one that works for females.


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