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strange SKYBOX issue... please help

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by saintsjoe, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. hello all... forgive language

    i recently have install the dancing mod GET DOWN AND BOOGIE

    the mod work fine

    i look at mod tutorial to edit animation and change how to i stand
    the mod work and my stand is changed

    i try to climb building with super power later on in the game... and i cannot climb to the top... if climb too high there is invisible wall i hit again and again while climbing...

    this is also the same for zin tower you climb to change from red to blue... to look like entire SKYBOX is lower

    however with full charge superpower jump from zin platform... i break through SKYBOX but only as high as nearest zin platform... the platform by zin tower... and trying to climb with superpower shoot me down again

    so i change animation stand back to original stand
    the mod once again work and is to normal... but i still can not climb to top of biggest building or zin tower

    perhaps is not mod that is the problem... i do not remember climbing building before mod and so it is hard to say when problem begin... so to writer of mod this is not accusation but only information to help solve problem

    how do i fix to climb the full SKYBOX? please help... thank

    --i am just editing to say... i do not trying to climb the big zinyak tower to escape SKYBOX... when i say zin tower what i say are for the zin towers for all over steelport... my problem is to restore the SKYBOX to normal high for to climb all of the buildings and zin towers again... thank
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2017
  2. i see many views on this page
    is there truly not who can restore SKYBOX to the normal?... or is it more likely because i am not from the same country...
  3. Have you tried climbing without the mod you're using? And what happens if you do?

    And yes, there's a good chance it's because we don't know how to fix it.