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A large collection of mods made by me, plus a few PhantasyRow features.
New Cheats
#4653 - Golden Deagle
#7528774 - Platinum RPG
#75287468486 - Platinum Shotgun
#7528 - Platinum T3K
#74677527 - Pimpslap
#52262 - Kabob (Xenia Only, crashes the game on a modded Xbox 360)
New Weather


Purple Rain - #787753

Mars - #6277

Silent Hill - #75287468486

I'm not entirely sure why, but the teleporters as of now are kind of broken. They're still functional but they're invisible, so you have to try and find them until the pop-up comes.

This brings you into the lobby of the penthouse, which you can only enter in the final VK mission.
(There is a teleporter that brings you back to the crib right where you get teleported)

This brings you onto the roof of the Ultor Dome.

This brings you into the Ultor Dome. (Be wary, you'll need to load a save to get back out)

Super Drugs
The Omega High (replaces the Bong) makes you completely invincible for 3 minutes.
The Pack'a'Punch (replaces the Bubbly) gives you even more extreme strength.

New Homies
All of the game's homies are replaced aswell as coming out with their specific cars, and are unlocked after driving Troy to the Freckle Bitch's. Because of this, it's recommended to start a new game if you want to use all of the homies.
The new homies are: Julius, Troy, Johnny Gat, Benjamin Motherfucking King, Bikini Luz, Donnie (replaces the Wheel-Woman), and standard Lin.

The Tombstone is now the Orbital Launcher, it works the same as the regular shotgun, but flings everyone killed by to the moon and back.
The Grenade is now the "Misunderstood Rocket", you will see why it's called that once you use it ;)
Infinite Respect (optional)
In the zip file of the mod, you can choose between the mod with and without Infinite Respect. If you choose Infinite Respect, you will instantly get 99 levels of respect whenever you do anything to earn it. (e.g killing a rival gang member, completing a activity level, etc.)

PhantasyRow Features
The mod was compiled with PhantasyRow, which means the mod also features all of it's new additions as well.
This includes things like a new haircut, the option to wear shirts in crop-top style, the Kabob, and more.

Known Bugs
The teleporters are invisible, making them hard to find.
The Silent Hill cheat does not have any text in the cheat menu on your phone, so it's just a blank entry.
The Kabob cheats freezes the game while playing on a modded Xbox 360.

The mod is already compiled, you just have to drop it into your Saints Row folder. Unfortunately I don't have the XTBLs right now, if I can find them again I will upload them too so that you can add more mods ontop of Stilwater+.
If I can't find them, I'll probably remake the mod one day with some new additions, so I can add new updates.


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I'm guessing this mod is not compatible with any other mods, because I've used Flippy's tutorial to add mods through the Misc2 folder, but now my game is completely broken and gives me this: