SR4 Remade Weapons

I'm recreating some SR4 weapons to use in GOOH .
Since there no leftovers from SR4 weapons (Just the Abduction model), i'm using sounds and model directly from GOOH . Hope you'll like it !
I'll recreate some others weapons from another game later (Maybe SR3) or some custom weapons (Feel free to ask a weapon).

Disintegrator added

Added upgrades

Changed price from 1 to 35000

Bounce rifle with upgrades added

Zin plasma cannon with upgrades added (it shoot like a spire)
A new level for the money shot upgrade for the Diamond Sting (It costs 1000000 but after that money is easy to collect) WARNING : THE GAME WILL FREEZE FOR 5 SECONDS TO SPAWN ALL THE MONEY


  • Disintegrator GOOH.rar
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  • Disintegrator GOOH V2.rar
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  • Disintegrator GOOH V3.rar
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  • Disintegrator and Bounce GOOH V4.rar
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  • SR4 Remade Weapons V5.rar
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Hey, maybe we'll combine our projects (my EAM and your SR4 RW) into one? Your conception is almost identical as mine and it doesn't really make sense to compete with each other.
I just saw your project and i agree with you . Let's combine our projects !

(I'll just post the last update)
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