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    So I released a forum thread about a month ago informing people that I was doing a port of SR4 character models, however I felt that this alone was kinda lame so I set about seeing how I could change the asthetics of SR3 as a whole. I've run out of steam a little tbh so want to share what I've currently got; this mod includes:

    - An improved variant of my SR4 reshade
    - Admixons winter textures ported from SR4 (I take no credit for his great work, it was actually easy to change the default textures)
    - 23 changed characters, some with edited texures, like above.
    - My edited animations mod that fixes the unarmed dive bug


    - This mod was made to be used with the awsome NPC behaviour and Weapons balance re-erected mods by shitface and fan of saints respectively. Using this without may cause issues, like Donnie and Young Shaundi never spawning armed with weapons for example due to using Pedestrian animations...Also you'd have no Johnny Gat so for that reason alone go download them, what're you waiting for??!?!?!?!?!

    - DONT DRIVE INTO A SURVIVAL MISSION WITH GAT IN THE CAR...the flag 'give random weapons' has been applied to Gat in homies.xtbl and for some reason crashes the game to desktop when the afformentioned happens; although it's worth it to see Johnny throwing easter eggs around.

    -Turn off post processing if you're using winter textures. the bloom off of the snow in open areas is ridiculously excessive.


    -Use a file extraction progamme like 7-zip/winrar
    -Extract folders
    -Install vpp files to packfiles/pc/cache and everything else to the sr3 steam folder
    -Update stream_grid asm file using asm updater
    - Reshade set up should open next time you boot the game, follow the instructions and choose my reshade injector file from a drop down list.

    Will I finish this ever? I'm not sure. What is there to finish?
    -follwer heads are the default because cba
    -haven't finished importing characters, would also like to carry on editing faces like Viola because imo she is a little too cartoony looking
    -Would also like to include a real world bilboard mod at some point, cus why not?

    mediafire download links:

    Hope you enjoy.

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  2. This looks great!
  3. What if I just want to use the winter textures, what files should I install?
  4. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    My mod was included and I didn't know about it?

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