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Someone had to do it, eventually. :p
2012-12-22_00001.jpg 2015-11-23_00001.jpg 2012-07-14_00001.jpg 2013-01-24_00012.jpg 2013-06-30_00001.jpg 2013-01-29_00027.jpg 2013-01-29_00023.jpg 2013-02-15_00003.jpg 2013-04-05_00002.jpg 2015-03-30_00001.jpg 2013-03-29_00003.jpg 2012-07-23_00002.jpg 2013-06-21_00008.jpg
By the way, I was playing Life Is Strange lately... Um... Don't those two look a bit similar? XD
SR TT vs. Life Is Strange.jpg
Has science gone too far?
illuminati confirmed???


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Upcoming mod :D (Note:adds more features than that and i need to swap minigun with flamethrower :p)
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This was my old character, I'm using it again thanks to the export appearance function in the save tool:

and a variation that I'm using now