SP To MP Ported Maps, Unused Maps

Basic Rundown & Explanation On What this Is
Okay so this was a project I was working on months ago and just kinda abandoned, or well not abandoned there's just not much more I can do unless the map editor gets support for collision editing/merging, merging chunks together as one, culling fixes etc (which may not even be possible anytime soon if at all). So I just decided to release this publicly because maybe somebody will find some kind of use out of it and maybe not. Another huge thing that needs done at least for loading maps is the .city files need documented, while I have some documentation done alot more needs researched to fully understand how that file works as it plays a very crucial role in even loading maps in multiplayer. So this is basically sp to mp ported chunk files/maps that are playable in multiplayer. Alot of the maps only have placeholder spawn points to just get on the map and walk around. A good bit of the maps are too small for any actual match based gameplay, the smaller ones are really only good as a lobby map. I did create a tool to change the lobby maps to be majority of the MP maps the game comes with as well as these ported ones i'm releasing today.
Since this is a "as is" release just be aware that you may notice missing textures here and there, collisionless areas, voids, random crashes and of the such.
Everything here has been tested with up to 2 players, and most maps have support for at least 8 players (spawn point wise).
Just throw the chunk files, cts files, xtbl files, peg files etc into a patch.vpp_pc container. You can use the tools made by Minimaul to accomplish this. It is best that you use a base game patch.vpp_pc file and not those generated by GoTR as GoTR has major issues when it comes to multiplayer based play. It is imperative that all players have the same exact modded files in order to play together in multiplayer else there lobbies may not show up for you.

Video Showcase

Unused Maps That Work Natively In MP
SR1 Lobby Map - sr2_mp_lobby
Hangar Lobby Map - sr2_mp_lobby04

Unused Maps That Needed Custom Files To Make Work
This map is self assumed to of been a proof of concept/early version for the Xbox DLC Cellblock.
Cellblock on xbox used normal prison variant, this map uses the riot variant.
Stilwater Penitentiary - sr2_mp_gb_prison

This map was used for various testing in SP, however by default it was also natively loadable in MP.
One can assume it was used in mp at one point to test something also.
However it required spawnpoints to be able to play on it.
In MP the textures do not load for it.
Test Level - test_one

Used Maps That Are Not Normally Playable With More Than 1 Player
This map natively allows at least up to 2 players without edits if added to multiplayer_levels.
Might need more spawnpoints if more than 2 players.
Tutorial Lobby - sr2_mp_lobbytut

This map is the Wardrobe map and required spawnpoints to be a playable map.
MP Wardrobe - sr2_mp_custbg

Singleplayer To Multiplayer Ported Maps
These maps could have missing textures here and there, voids, collisonless areas, and or crash randomly.
Alot of these maps have extra chunks to make up the map, I will only be listing the main "loader chunk" for the maps below.
Reference the download for all extra chunks the maps use.
[W] - Has warps placed on the map for special use cases, warps however desync and may not show up to clients sometimes.
May have to end and start the match a few times to make sure the warps sync for everybody. Pretty sure this is a game issue since warps aren't normally
in mp.

[L] - Not big enough for actual matches, good for lobby use and to chill on only.

[P] - Placeholder spawnpoints only, for now. (my github will have most of the cts files for the maps, if you want
to map the gamemode out for any of these maps feel free to do a pull/merge request) - These will be tested and verified before pushed.
You will get credit if your request is accepted.

[x] - Set up for Gangsta Brawl/Team Gangsta Brawl already
[]- Set up for Strong Arm already [D - demo derby, ^ - brawl]
[G] - Good enough for Gangsta Brawl/Team Gangsta Brawl based map (needs set up)
[A] - Good enough for Strong Arm (needs set up, mostly brawl or demo derby only modes)
[!!] - Experimental with major issues.

[L] [P] Anna Show - sr2_mp_gb_anna01
[x] Brotherhood HQ - sr2_mp_gb_broth1
[P] Brotherhood Tanker - sr2_mp_gb_btankk
[D] Demolition Derby - sr2_mp_gb_demo01
[L] [P] Frat Party - sr2_mp_gb_frat01
[P] [G] Heritage Festival - sr2_mp_gb_junkA1
[L] [P] Internet Cafe - sr2_mp_gb_netcaf
[x] Kanto - sr2_mp_gb_kanto1
[P] [G] Meat Plant - sr2_mp_gb_meat01
[L] [P] On Track Nightclub(SR1) - sr2_mp_gb_trakS1
[P] [G] On Track Nightclub(SR2) - sr2_mp_gb_traks2
[L] [P] Open Legs Lodge(SR1) - sr2_mp_gb_snatch
[L] [P] Pool Hall(SR1) - sr2_mp_gb_thabr2
[L] [P] Price Mansion(SR1) - sr2_mp_gb_pricem
[W] [x] Prison Island - sr2_mp_gb_prIL01
[P] [G] Red Light Methlab - sr2_mp_gb_mlab01
[L] [P] Run Down Loft(SR1) - sr2_mp_gb_loft01
[L] [P] Shit 2 Play Arcade - sr2_mp_gb_arcade
[P] [G] Stilwater Caverns - sr2_mp_gb_cave01
[L] [P] Super Secret Island - sr2_mp_gb_secret
[P] [G] Tee-N-Ayy Strip Club - sr2_mp_gb_strip1
[W] [P] [G] The Pyramid Extended - sr2_mp_gb_pyramS
[L] [P] The Sea Rose Pub - sr2_mp_gb_thabar
[W] [P] [G] Tohoku Towers - sr2_mp_gb_tokho1
[W] [x] Trailer Park - sr2_mp_gb_traprk
[L] [P] Ultor Ball - sr2_mp_gb_ultorB
[P] [G] [A] Ultor Dome - sr2_mp_gb_dome01
[L] [P] Ultor Meeting Room - sr2_mp_gb_ultorM
[P] [G] Ultor Phillips Building - sr2_mp_gb_philip
[P] [G] Ultor Yacht - sr2_mp_gb_yacht1
[W] [x] Warehouse - sr2_mp_gb_wareh1
[W] [x] [^] [!!] Zombie Uprising - sr2_mp_gb_zomb01
Zombie uprising is set up for a max of 4 players, there is no player handling past 4 players. This map has major disconnect issues which is beyond me on how to fix. The ai are pretty stupid as well, more than likely I broke something idk, don't feel like spending time on it, sorry.

11/30/23 - Added custom map images in the example maplist files in the root download for the maps.
11/27/23 - Initial release

Map Files
SR2 PC Lobby Map Swapper Tool Thread
My Github For CTS Files [If you do so choose to make your own and submit a pull request]

[V] IdolNinja - for getting me into sr2 modding, the talks, the guidance and always lending a helping hand (rip mike, forever missed brotha)
Myself - porting the chunks, getting textures, cts work, etc
MasakoTeam - cts work
nclok1405 - F.R.Z code for zombie uprising (I modified it for mp)
Minimaul - sr2 vpp editors [used to create patch files]
Masamaru - Peg tool [used to add textures for maps]
Möyh Mäyh - map editor [mostly used for coordinate grabbing and moving some things around]
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