Some issues I noticed.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by linkfire12, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Moved this over from the steam thread I posted, I had severe FPS issues that stopped me from being able to play very much.

    I personally feel adding an option for disabling mouse acceleration and allowing raw input, disabling aim assist and reducing smart/auto locking camera control for vehicles would be good additions.

    • -They sometimes jitter about, or transition out of an animation for a split second before returning to it, it's hard to describe, awkward motion glitches.
    • - They sometimes pop in rather drastically.
    • - When their feet are on elevatated or lowered platforms, their legs sometimes jitter/glitch/clip (this happens with enemies and the main character to a smaller extent).
    • - Around the temple, peds leaning on the columns sometimes are hovering just in front of it instead of leaning directly on it.
    • - Not a glitch, but model diversity (or the spawning system for it), isn't the best, it would be less obvious if the same models didn't spawn near eachother.
    • - Peds mouths move without direct audio, not sure if it's intentional but it's rather offputting, the audio sometimes occurs but doesn't have directional positioning or is very quiet
    • - Running into peds often causes glitchy animations
    • - Peds clip into eachother or have issues when they walk near or touch one another
    • - Held objects by peds sometimes glitch out (also lack a bit in detail, like the touchscreens being a single image)
    I noticed shooting food from the stands made them vanish instead of break apart.

    I had a false positive with the games exe with Mcafee anti virus.

    The resolution for the steam desktop page temporarily went blurry whilst the game was opening,

    The Desktop Icon is pixelated and low res.

    Jumping onto the edge of a platform or railing sometimes has the player float in the air for a while before moving away from it and landing.
  2. Have you tried running in Borderless Windowed for FPS issues?
  3. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    I had the problem with McAfee,too. I had to make an exception for the exe. Also I sometimes get immense frame drops, the game sometimes even freezes for like 2 seconds, which shouldn't happen with an i7 6700k, GTX1080 and 16GB Ram, I run the game in borderless windowed.
  4. Refunded the game, since it was unplayable for me, so I can't test this.
  5. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I noticed the peds mouths moving with no audio too. Even when the peds have audio, it's unnaturally quiet, even when I'm right next to them. It definitely should be louder, or provide a separate ped volume slider.

    Also, running into peds looks very unnatural, because they slide away as if they were stiff objects. When they walk into you, their legs just keep walking even thought they're not going anywhere. Looks very robot-like.
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