So I broke everything

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  1. I installed too many mods. Annnd now my Saints Row IV game won't load for more than 5 minutes without freezing. I don't really want to get into what I have installed as I don't really care if some mods don't work together. Is there an easy way to delete everything? I don't mind if my save files have to be erased. But unistalling and reinstalling the game just isnt working. I know factory resetting my entire computer would work. but im not doing that for obvious reasons. So I need some inbetween help. I also would like to do this with my saints row 3 game. I had a lot of fun with mods. My intention was to see how messed up i could make the game. i feel ive done that. now id just like to play sometimes. i think my favorite mod is by far the "everyone is johnny gat mod" its wonderful.
    help a dumb brother out
  2. DUDE.

    Try deleting everything on your Saints Row IV folder and then making a file integrity check. Steam will see <<everything>> is missing and will download it all from the cloud, if I am not mistaken!

    That is more or less how I have fixed similar problems in the past. I tend to shove as many mods as I can on every game I own, so this kind of thing happen. Try to keep track of what you have installed and...


    I typed it on bold because it's important.

    One healthy doctrine I follow, when modding, is:

    Don't delete the mods you downloaded until you stop using them;

    If you need to unistall a mod, you can use the original downloaded file as a reference to what mod files you should delete from the root folder of the game. If you delete the mod zip after installing it, you will get lost when unistalling!

    Make a backup folder on the desktop;

    This folder is where you're going to put the files you need to take out in order to put new modded ones, example: "file.lua" is the mod, on the game folder there is also "file.lua", so instead of replacing the file, you pick the ORIGINAL one and PUT IT ON THE BACKUP FOLDER, and then place the mod file on the root folder.
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