Slower Notoriety Decay & No Archdukes

This mod lessens the decay of notoriety, making the enemies hate you longer. You will need to bribe your way more often through the Sinterpol vending machines.
I always play on Casual, so it irritated me how quickly "playtime" gets over when I'm doing smaller amounts of crime.
So for example, Notoriety Level 1's decay rate value was 75, I changed it to 5.
Level 2 from 60 to 5,
Level 3 50 to 10,
Level 4 from 40 to 11.
Level 5 is unchanged, however.

Also Notoriety Level 6's condition is set to 999999. For reference, Level 5 is 5000. If you reach that, maybe it's time to take a break.

If you just want no archdukes you might like this one better by BaronFlynt:


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