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sim_pc files information summary

Discussion in 'Guides and Tutorials' started by Henry08, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. I didn't find information about this file so I made some investigation to figure out how to use it. I would be glad if someone add some info here,

    This is some binary setting file that apply to some bones\joints in the skeleton to make them affected by physic.
    This is often using for hair, breast and cloth imitation.

    SR4 SDK can't create new sim_pc file but it can be used for your mod, you only need to create bones in the editor but for the proper converting you need to know p_bone_name order. Every bone in character skeleton has index number. Character has 71 bones so first my thought was that sim file has that indexes for additional bones.
    I have source file with additional 20 bones and indexes

    So I open its sim_pc file in hex editor
    After some data with the name I see block
    Code (Text):
    45 ff ff 01
    45 looks like bone index in hexademical format (45=69) That first problem 69 is breast index why it is here I don't know, maybe this is some start point that doesn't effect the skeleton.

    The lowest index of the additional bone - 70

    So this block is what we wanted
    Code (Text):
    46 00 00 00
    Seams like bone chain starts here. We have 5 bones in chain so 70(46), 71(47), 72(48), 73(49) and ff, looks like this data needs for ending chain. Also you can see that after index in hex there are some count.

    Next chain should start with 75(4b) but we see that chain starts with 74(4a)

    Code (Text):
    ff ff 01
    Again 75(4b), 76(4c), 77(4d), 78(4e) and again, last bone with ff. New chain begin with 79(4f)

    Same for the next two chains
    Interesting here is two counters
    Code (Text):
    ff 16 13 00
    16hex = 22, 13hex =19. Second is actual bone counter because it stats with 00 and ignore "endbone " ff After this lie data that I can't interpretate