Shitface's Weapon Re-Balance Mod

This weapons mod is based on the fantastic Snipe's Unlocked Temporary Weapons Permanently mod, with the same features plus some tweaks to make some of the more useless weapons almost every weapon in the game and some vehicles much more functional and enjoyable to use, without making them too overpowered, and adds a lot of general gameplay tweaks and bugfixes to SR3. It also makes it nearly twice as difficult to fall off of a motorcycle.

Use this version instead of the one included with Gentlemen of Steelport. The version included in the current GoS release is very outdated.

What does it do?

Apoca Fist- You can now toss cars and props through the air by punching them! Changes to tweak_table.xtbl will make it much easier to kill NPCs by tossing stuff at them. The Saints Pow weapon has also been added as a weapon available for purchase. It functions like the Apoca Fist, but tosses NPCs through the air instead of exploding them. Saints Pow is only unlocked after completing the game.

Woodsman- Removed the very annoying pause that would occur whenever you scroll over this weapon in your inventory. The game won't lock up anymore whenever you select it!

Nocturne- Deckers will now drop this weapon when you kill them (if you're also using my NPC Behaviour and Spawn mod). Now with upgrades!
Lv2: Dislodge props and deal more melee damage.
Lv3: Your sword is engulfed in flames! Deals less melee damage but burns your enemies! Use this with the fire immunity upgrade, or you will likely set yourself on fire a lot.

Baseball Bat/The Penetrator- Both of these weapons now cause NPCs to ragdoll when they get hit. You can perform a new melee attack by walking and attacking at the same time!

Stun Gun- The stungun can now be fired four times before it needs to cool down, which no longer takes as long. You can also dual wield them. Getting hit with a stun gun bullet results in a stronger screen shake effect. Can also be upgraded to level 2, which causes people to vomit!

AS3 Ultimax- The final upgrade of this weapon now uses the drum magazine, which can hold 20 rounds. Bullet spread is also tighter.

S3X Hammer- Reduced range and added a laser bullet hit effect.

Shark-O-Matic- Now works on NPCs swimming in water. (Why didn't it before?)

AR-55- Fires in full auto instead of a three round burst. Upgrade levels 3+ give this weapon armor-piercing bullets.

Viper Laser Rifle- Overheats less quickly. The scope upgrade is now actually usable. (To use the scope, press E or scroll up with the mouse wheel while in fine aim)

Togo-13- Can zoom in further, and does slightly more damage.

M2 Grenade Launcher- Fully upgraded grenades no longer detonate on their own after a few seconds. Level 1 grenades are flashbangs.

Cyber Buster- Small damage increase.

Cyber SMG- Decreased spread, does half damage against vehicles.

Sonic Boom- Now upgradeable! The upgraded version has a much more powerful blast with greater range, and reduced charge time.

SA-3 Airstrike- Drops 12 missiles instead of 7.

RC Possessor- Infinite range. Shooting people with this now causes them to freak out.

McManus 2015- Able to zoom in much further with each upgrade level.

Minigun- Now upgradeable! The upgrades increase damage and accuracy.

Incinerator- Slightly increased range, also upgradeable. The upgrades increase damage and range.

Shock Hammer- Becomes unlocked after completing the cyber blazing missions, also upgradeable. Upgraded version is slightly more powerful, and stuns NPCs.

GL G20- Now upgradeable! The upgrades increase clip size.

Bling Shotgun- Fires a ton of pellets over a wide angle, and knocks down whoever it hits. Kills earn you 3x respect instead of 2.

Grave Digger- Fires more pellets with each weapon upgrade. Level 3 now has the exact same stats as level 4 minus the incendiary shots.

Gangsters in Space Guns- All 3 weapons no longer have infinite ammo, but can regenerate ammo instead over time. Beefed up the heavy laser's power and gave it the ability to ignite targets.

Murderbrawl Weapons-
Urinal- Slow movement speed, does excellent melee damage to NPCs and vehicles.
Shark- Flings blood, smells bad, ragdolls enemies.
Cricket Bat- Does as much damage as the lvl2 baseball bat without a ragdoll effect.
Blowup Doll- Doesn't do much damage, kills earn you 4x respect.

Behemoth- Use the Matt Miller avatar sword in the open world! Slice and dice your foes with a ridiculously huge blade! Please note that this breaks the fire breath effect for the avatar.

Camera- Blind your enemies with a flash of light!

Miscellaneous changes:
-Annihilator rockets, satchel charges, and tank shells now gib NPCs when you kill them!
-Swimming speed has been increased.
-You don't fall off of motorcycles as easily anymore!
-Minimum distance for climbing has been decreased, it should be easier to climb over certain objects now.
-NPCs take much more damage from falling, or from getting hit by cars or other props.
-DLC weapons now cost money when starting a new game. They no longer appear in your cache for free.
-Weapon upgrades are slightly more expensive.
-Crashing your car into a gas pump now sends it flying!
-The firetruck is now literally a "fire truck".
-Unused taxi and ambulance homies have been added back to the phone book.
-Fire effects have been given a longer lifespan (If this causes a framerate drop for you, delete ground_fires.xtbl)
-A new melee weapon is available for purchase.
-Incorporates Lord_Freezer's Vampire DLC fix which changes the neck bite skill to a buyable upgrade instead of giving it to you right away.
-Heavy trucks can now crush vehicles. (To disable this feature, just delete every .xtbl file that begins with "truck" in your SR3 folder, except for truck_2dr_fire01_veh- removing this one will mess up the fire truck's weapons.)
-Removes the infinite ammo and damage immunity upgrades (except for fire). Use cheats if you want to have infinite ammo or invulnerability.

How do I install it?

Open up the .zip file, and move the files inside of it into your Saints Row: The Third folder.

The Saints Row 3 folder can be found here:
C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/common/saints row the third

Extract the files there, and you are good to go!

I would highly recommend using this mod, like any other weapons mod, with a new game.

If you just want the motorcycle mod without all the other stuff, go here.

This mod also has an "alt sounds" version that uses different sound effects for the gang smg and rifle (because I really hated the vanilla sounds)

If you want to change weapon levels, you'll need to use Corrodias' save editor or Idolninja's Sandbox+ mod.


Last updated on 7/25/2013

*The update list got too damn long! To see the changelog, view the readme included in the .zip files!

If you like this mod, try it out with my modified version of mrturkleton's amazing "Avatar Rampage" mod!


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Very nice mod bro, v1.2 comes in very handy ingame. Well done!

I got 2 questions man, hope you can help me out:
1. About the latest version (1.3), don't you mean launched grenades would explode on impact?
2. I know that would contradict your original objective of re-balancing the weapons, but is there any possibility for merging this mod FlyingMan's Eradicator mod? You know, technically speaking...

Thanks again & keep it up!
1. No, they won't explode on impact. The fully upgraded M2 grenades will stick to whatever you shoot them at, and won't detonate unless you detonate them manually with the grenade button. Before, they would blow up on their own a few seconds after you shot them.

2. Maybe sometime in the future, but as you said, it would be really un-balanced.

3. Check my post at the top for the latest update (1.4), it adds a lot of useful stuff!
Oh my...So, if you can increase all those things, I bet you could decrease it aswell...
Here's a version with a few minor changes:
* Hammer is now a melee weapon
* Airstrike calls down 20 missiles instead of 7
* Minigun has an infinite magazine (it's a chaingun, after all)
* Increased friendly fire threshold and "knocked off your bike" threshold to 9001, just to be a little more safe


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Any way you could decrease the level 4 AR-55 from 5 shot burst to single shot/semi auto? (Or change it to full auto/single shot with a quick tap so you don't have to waste 4 rounds when single shotting a target in the head?)

Edit: Never mind, figured out how to do it myself, great mod btw, it's nice to have an expanded weapon inventory. :D