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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sizustar, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Quite simply - I make several screenshots side by side and stitch them using the program "Microsoft Image Composite Editor" into one panoramic screenshot. You can create full 360° interactive panoramas in the same way. :)

    An example of full interactive 360° panorama from Saints Row IV:
  2. Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2)
  3. Hot Coldie.

    Coldie's ride.png
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  4. Nice character! Can you share her dress mod? :)
  5. Thanks:) But is barely working as it only supports the default body type, and i overwrited the purple dress i shared months ago, so you will lose the old one lol
    If you are okay with it, sure
  6. I just wanted to check it out, take some screenshots and that's all. If sharing will not be a problem, I would be willing and very grateful. ;)
  7. There you go, it has highheels as part of the suit btw.

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  8. Super star ☆

    Backless dress v2 - Super star.png

    PS: BeautiDuwanger95 - I just wanted to say that the dress is great. In game looks very good and you did a very good job. If I could have one small suggestion it would be request to merge this dress with the previous one which you shared some time ago, It would simply be good to have both of them available in the game. Besides once again very good job and thank you so much for sharing this mod! :)
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